FSP RC 104 Cyber Forensic & Ethical Hacking

    Course Outline

    Cyber forensic is the field of Digital Forensic Science concerning legal proof found in digital storage devices like hard disks, flash drives and alternative proof found in devices and computers. This course helps participants to grasp the ideas of digital forensics, associated build them capable to look at digital media in an skilled approach, with latest and most successful strategies and techniques with aim of preserving the proof and recovering the lost or deliberately erased information, analyzing and presenting the facts and opinions concerning data recovered from the scene of crime.


    As name suggests, ethical hacking is an ethical approach of operating with technology to search out weakness of a system taking it to future level for more development. Hacking is rarely illegal its associate action of exploitation skills and advanced techniques on a target to realize data about a system and its surroundings, though it depends on the character of the one that is performing the action. The most focus of the Ethical Hacking related IT Securities course is to familiarize the students into an interactive setting wherever the students can learn the aptitudes of activity vulnerability assessment, pen-testing of systems and networks, repairing the weaknesses, creating reports of scanned vulnerabilities.


    You will familiarize with Ethical Hacking and Information Security that will enhance their skills making them confident in handling the all situations such as zero-day incidence response, data-theft management, incidental data lost or an Intrusion by the unauthorized. As almost every organization now days have its own website, database servers, which handle and stores confidential data related to the future and on-going projects, staff details, customer’s details, member’s login credentials, credit card details and other sophisticated data. An Information security expert is a first priority personal required for the security of this files.


    Course leading edge techniques square measure tutored to students by business level certified professionals. A virtual setting created for college students, helps the participant to apply and perform period of time attacks on a virtual simulation network, advanced level penetration testing techniques, privilege increase techniques that intruders use to penetrate the network.


    Nowadays, cyber forensics also can be employed in civil proceedings. It involves all techniques just like the info recovery, however some extra pointers and practices are measure followed to form a legal audit path. Participants of this course get trained with the most effective techniques that square measure used throughout information forensic investigations.


    Phone and electronic devices, cyber forensics as well as portables, desktops and servers. Incident Response, iOS forensics, network forensics, code recovery, image forensics, storage forensics as well as hard-disk information recovery, getting image and copying data, flash drive recovery, enclose forensic toolkit, foremost, COFEE, hash keeper and alternative essential and most fruitful techniques are used in learning period.


    FTK, forensic Toolkit information acquisition and getting. Steganography and alternative image file, wireless attack investigation by analyzing logs, internet attacks investigation, email tracing and investigation, mobile crimes and forensics, reporting, the way to become witness. All the aspects are coated in our specially designed course for participants trying their career in digital crime investigation and cyber forensics.