FSP RC 103 Questioned Document Examination

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    Course Outline

    The questioned document examination course covers the basis fundamentals for handwriting verification furthermore as principles and theories accepted by document examiners worldwide. It would be discuss signature analysis, disguise, anonymous writing variations, as well ink and printed documents, alterations, typewritten and computerized documents. Students would be work on a multiple practical exercises and several real cases throughout the course.


    Forensic questioned document are often outlined as any material either movable or stabile that holds a written or drawn inscription. A questioned document is elucidated as any text or document whose credibleness or legitimacy has been questioned, or is taken into account to be uncertain. During this course listed as questioned document examination, the scholars are going to be tutored associate introduction regarding the documents, the classes are classified. Additionally, the scholars are going to be enlightened regarding the truthfulness of the Document Examination, its application just in case determination. The cases loosely thought of into the questioned document section are- the signature verification, the handwriting verification and examination, the examination of spurious computer-generated documents, the examination of written documents, counterfeit currency so on.


    In addition, the science of questioned document examination rests on the day by day increasing forgery and iniquity associated with documents. The examination usually relates to the documents as agreement, deed, property papers, wills, cheques, and stamps. The document examiner conjointly checks for the presence of the other criminal activity as addition, deletion, insertion or obliteration within the involved document. The first concern of a document examiner is to decipher the kind of forgery, so when scientifically prepare a report considering the varied aspects that area unit to be taken under consideration whereas conducting the examination.


    Students are going to be tutored the basics of the handwriting science, the science of handwriting could be a neuro-muscular task that involves a correct co-ordination of brain with the muscles and bones. It's thanks to this reality that one will copy one’s writing, however this cannot be finished cent-percent accuracy, potency and perfection. Even just in case of monozygotic/ identical twins, United Nations agency share similar appearances and genetic structures don't bear constant handwriting. Therefore, this sciences is with competence as reliable because the science of fingerprint.


    Examination parameters that area unit looked upon throughout the questioned document examination area unit usually classified into two:

    •   General characteristics, because the name itself clarifies, area unit the characteristics that will stay common to a category of individuals. The category characteristics represent options as- slant, slope, alignment, direction, line quality, size and proportion, spacing, ability of writing, pen pressure, pen lifts, pen movement and speed. When a close and full-proof examination of sophistication characteristics, associate approach towards the individual characteristics must to be created.

    •    Specific individual characteristics, talk to the characteristics that all part distinctive to each individual. Each individual possesses his own expressive style, his own approach of forming letters in a very peculiar manner. Therefore, these characteristics are same to be individual in nature as they bear a trace of individuality in themselves. The points that are thought of in these characteristics are- i-dot, t-crossbar and therefore the formation of different alphabets.


    In additional manner internship offering in Questioned document examination, students would feel well-equipped with the power of deciphering the peculiar from the real.