Our Profile

SIFS INDIA is known for championing new ways of thinking in teaching and training excellence. Our Institute is a web-based platform which seeks to act as a one-stop site   for information and updates on forensic science in India. We also run offline where we create open opportunities, for students to exchange insights, share leading practices, and can have experience of real life case dealing. 

The Sherlock Institute Network provides corporate executives, senior management, industry leaders, and government officials’ academic knowledge. 

What sets us apart?

“Every day, every person working in SIFS INDIA try to build a healthy and user friendly learning portal, where student can harness their knowledge for a better working world.

Our Clientage

Whatever your industry, our versatile professionals can provide you with highly responsive advice. We have provided services to many of valued clients, such as Govt. Sectors, Indian Court across a wide variety of Semi Government sectors, Private sectors, Advocates and several individual clients. 


Our training courses are built around knowledge, innovation and creativeness, to make certain the trainings are impactful and facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Our professional instructors draw from their own experience in, the training modules designed by our experienced faculty include real examples that can be more related by the participants and can be customized to the needs of the organization.

Training Courses

We have distinction of being pioneer in the field of forensic science.  Our training audience been versatile from the very beginning. We have trained:

  • Students
  • Advocates,
  • IT Professionals,
  • Police, Govt. and 
  • Private Security Agencies 
  • Bankers etc.

We have various training programs that runs at different time, few among them are college training, individual student training, training-cum-placement program, whereas, corporate training.


Our internship program runs throughout the year apart from this we have exclusive summer and winter internships for college pursuing students. We have had students from few esteemed colleges for our internship program. These Internships are sector variant. Few of them are- 

  • Questioned Document Division
  • Fingerprint Division
  • Insurance Sector
  • Cyber Crime Sector