Forensic Courses FAQ's

Q.What is Forensic Science?

Forensic Science is the application of scientific methods for criminal and civil laws this includes the analysis of anything that could be considered as evidence, including blood, fibers, bullets, fingerprints etc.

Q.What is Online Education?

Q.What are online courses?

Q.What is the purpose of these courses?

Q.What things will I get after joining distance course?

Q.Is online learning right for me?

Q.Where can I register for online education courses?

Q.When will I receive my study materials, notes books etc?

Q.What is the examination criteria?

Q.What if I can't attend an exam date?

Q.How would I get my certificate when I have completed all the required courses / exam?

Q.How do I get help if I need it?

Q.From where can I obtain application form?

Q.Although my degree is in an unrelated field of study, I have taken quite a few science courses. Am I eligible to apply?

Q.What about Course Credits?

Q.Do I have to attend classes?

Q.Is SIFS issues Certificate after successful course completion?

Q.Can I use these course completion certificates for job applications or in my CV/Resume etc?

Q.Should I have to pay any extra fee for examination, study materials etc?

Q.What do I do if I can't find a job/internship in forensic science?

Q.How I can pay my course fee by credit card in USD?

Q.Why are internships or training important?

Q.Do I have to select an area of specialization right away, or can I take a few courses before choosing a specialization?

Q.What does a forensic scientist do?

Q.How can I become a forensic scientist?

Q.Who is a crime scene investigator?

Q.Who is a Forensic Anthropologist?

Q.Who is a forensic pathologist?

Q.Who is a forensic entomologist?

Q.Who is a forensic (police) psychologist?

Q.What is Criminology?

Q.What is the best route to prepare for a career as a forensic scientist?

Q.I am interested to make a career in this field. Where do I start from?

Q.What about training?

Q.What types of crime investigation is the Laboratory involved in?

Q.What qualifications do I need to have to become a Crime Scene Examiner?

Q.What training can I expect to receive to be a Scene examiner?

Q.Where Will I Work?

Q.What types of scientific tests are used in the Laboratory?

Q.What are the other specialized forensic science careers outside the crime laboratory?

Q.How many crime scenes will I attend?

Q.What kind of education does it take to become a document examiner?

Q.Has a competent document examiner received specialized training?

Q.Is graphology the same as forensic document examination?

Q.Where can you find a qualified forensic document examiner?

Q.How can I make sure my witness is really an expert?