Professional Training

------ Why lose an opportunity of getting better at something --------

Constant grinding and grooming keeps you motivated and step ahead from others

Why To Choose Professional Training Professional Training creates the opportunity for a student to put their degree into practice. Key benefits you could experience include:

  • Gain confidence, maturity and motivation: the responsibility of real case dealing in industry means that you will be challenged to step up and use your knowledge and skills to deliver a job.

  • Provide focus for your final year of study: putting study into context within a professional environment often makes your final year or education time period more enjoyable and successful. Having actual exposure to the cases gives you opportunity to related practical to course work.

  • The chance to test out a career path: undertaking a Professional Training placement enables you to experience what your future career could hold and can open doors to better job opportunities

  • Open your eyes to new opportunities: discover possibilities you hadn’t previously considered and speak with a variety of professionals about what their roles are really about. This is especially useful when you haven’t yet decided on a career path. Once you get to see the working world it becomes easy for you to choose your path of interest.

  • Who Should Take Up This Training? Forensic science with the very essence of being diverse opens doors for students from varied stream. Anyone and everyone who wants a career in law enforcement can take up this practice. Students from various science background can take up this training program, even professionals in order to enhance their skills can sign up for this opportunity.

    Training Domain

    • • Fingerprint Examination & Analysis

    • • Document and Handwriting Examination

    • • Crime Scene Investigation

    • • Cyber Forensic Investigation

    Difference : Professional Training v/s Other Training Programs? Professional training could be taken up by students during any month of the year. Duration too remains student dependent i.e. student can choose how long they want to be trained. Basically it can be customised in accordance to student’s availability and interest in field.

    On the other hand, our summer training program is exclusively for students who have free time during month of May, June and July. Whereas, our corporate training program is exclusively for Companies and organisations who wants to enhance their employee’s skill.