Franchisee Opportunity

Q 1:- What we will provide?

If you want to achieve of an educational franchises business, then you must possibly know that education franchises business is like any other independent business in the sense that you need to be committed in all aspects of your business operations. However, the major difference between an education franchises business to an independent start-up business is that you would have the required support like different sessions, business maturity, and most of all the marketing support from your franchisor. In fact, you must keep in mind that you should also have a factual plan of actions in managing an educational franchises business in order to know your advantages and of course weaknesses. Also, the marketing, financial, operational, and socio-economic aspects of your business should not be overlooked. So you should have a right management for your educational franchises business because more often there is already a system in place that you should follow with regards to management. If not, then see the different regulations in your area in the sanitation standards and follow it consequently.


On the other hand, managing an educational franchises business would also involve you to deal with employees on a regular foundation and it is very important that you know how to deal with the different employees you have as well as customers. In addition, you should also have a good human resource management and a clear set of guidelines for your employees to follow. It is also essential that you allow your employees know your company’s vision and mission for them to complete that goal that you really want for our business. Moreover, having a good employer-employee relationship is very much important in order to have a long-term success in your business. Whether it is an independent business or an educational franchises business, just always remember that a business will not succeed if you do not spend time and effort that a business require to have. Lastly, there is really no specific success rule that businessmen can follow, but what you should do is to find out the exact needs of the market and how you can provide for the product and service that your market needs.

Q 2 :- Why Franchisee?

    • Normal business hours. You won't be working during the evening or on weekends. Business is conducted during "normal" business hours, so it truly is a lifestyle opportunity.
    • It's a business you can truly feel good about. Promoting education, whether via standard teaching practices, or by utilizing a tutoring curriculum, is, in itself, a "feel good" type of business.
    • Making a difference by providing a positive influence in the life of a education is the ultimate "win/win" relationship. 
    • Most available opportunities feature low start up and operating costs. Some can be run from a home office.
    • State of the art software is provided, which effectively manages all student academics.
    • Professional tutors are readily available. Many franchisees never have found the need to advertise for tutors.
    • As the owner/franchisee, your only role is to run the business. You will be managing people and scheduling sessions. You will not be providing the core service, but leveraging the time and efforts of others.

Terms & conditions


To be an franchisee of SIFS INDIA, please note the following Terms and Conditions:-

  • An 'official' associate/franchisee has to enter into a written agreement with the company.
  • Such associates/franchisee cannot appoint sub-associates/franchisees to improve their business. If they have any such plans then they may be discussed and approved in writing from the Director, SIFS INDIA.
  • Financial terms and conditions governing the associate/franchisee should be the form part of the written agreement, and will be determined in mutual consultation and acceptance.
  • The associate or its staff members should not be doing similar business or employment which is in direct competition with the business of SIFS INDIA. The Director will have the right to terminate the agreement immediately if such an instance comes to it notice. Further legal action will be initiated to redress the situation, through courts of law and/or by arbitration.
  • The Director will provide services to the students of associates/franchisees to the best of its abilities and as per the terms and conditions applicable such package/service accepted for. However, the Director will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever, to either the student and/or associate, because of change in the policies and procedures of universities/companies/agents with which the Director deals.