FSP 202 Cyber Forensic Investigation

Mode of Study -- Online
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    Course Outline

    Cyber Forensic Investigation

    Cyber Forensic and Digital Crime Investigation are branches of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in digital storage devices like Hard disks, Solid state drives, Flash Drives and other evidence found in Computers. This course helps participants to understand the concepts of Digital Forensics, and make them capable to examine digital media in an expert approach, with latest and most successful methods and techniques with an aim of preserving the evidence and recovering the lost or intentionally erased data, analyzing and presenting the facts and opinions about information recovered from the crime scene.


    In today’s time, computer forensics can also be used in civil proceedings. It involves all techniques similar to the data recovery, but some additional guidelines and practices are followed to create a legal audit trail. Participants of this course get trained with the best techniques which are used during Data Forensics and Computer Forensics investigations.


    Our expert trainers and unmatched services provides the participants best environment to use and implement the techniques and methods which are the most successful while performing a real-time Investigation. Number of commercial and open source tools exists on the list, but it is recommended to use the one which help and performs correct investigation on an evidence.


    Cell and PDA Forensics, Computer Forensics including portables, Desktops and servers. Incident Response, iOS Forensics, Network Forensics, Password Recovery, Photo Forensics, Storage forensics including Hard Disk Drive Data recovery, Acquiring Image and Cloning, Flash Drive Data Recovery, EnCase Forensic toolkit, Foremost, COFEE, HashKeeper and other essential and most successful techniques are used in the teaching sessions


    Forensic Toolkit (FTK), Data Acquisition and Acquiring. Steganographic and Other image File Forensics, Wireless Attack Investigation by analyzing Logs, Web Attacks Investigation, Email Tracing and Investigating Email Crimes, Mobile Crimes and Forensics, Reporting, How to become an Expert Witness. All the aspects are covered in our specially designed course for participants looking their career in Digital Crime Investigation and Cyber Forensics.