FSP 201 Ethical Hacking & IT Security

Mode of Study -- Online
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    Course Outline

    Ethical Hacking & IT Security

    Ethical Hacking, as name suggests, is an ethical way of working with technology to find out weaknesses of a system, taking it to the next level for further development. Hacking is never illegal; it is an action of using skills and advanced techniques on a target to gain information about a system and its surroundings, though it depends on the nature of the person who is performing the action. The main focus of the Ethical Hacking and IT Security course is to train the student into an interactive environment where the student will learn the skills of performing vulnerability assessment, pen-testing of systems and networks, patching the weaknesses, making reports of scanned vulnerabilities.


    The students will learn all aspects of ethical hacking and information security, which will enhance their skills making them confident in handling situations like zero-day incidence response, data-theft management, incidental data lost or an Intrusion by the unauthorized. As almost every organization now days have its own website, database servers, which handle and stores confidential data related to the future and on-going projects, staff details, customer’s details, member’s login credentials, credit card details and other sophisticated data. An Information Security Expert is a first Priority personal required for the security of this data.


    Our detailed course and real-time cutting edge techniques are taught to students by Industry Level Certified Professionals. A virtual environment created for students, helps the participant to practice and perform real-time attacks on a virtual simulation network, advanced level penetration testing techniques, privilege escalation techniques that intruders use to penetrate the network.


    An expert advice is always required in case of a detected attack, an unauthorized access log, or in a case where an expert advice takes the case towards a decision. Advanced skills and real-time practice helps a student to attain a level of confidence to handle these situations easily. Reporting these attacks to a concerned is also a major role of an Information Security Expert now days. Our unmatched course layout covers major reporting methods which helps student to practice the situation easily.


    Modern tools and techniques, Command-line interface tutorials, Linux Operating system tutorials and required coding skills help’s participants to become a successful Ethical Hacker. Wireless Communication standards, Wireless Hacking, Exploit Writing skills, Android and iPhone security, Network Security and other major concepts which are also included in our course to make participant a complete Ethical Hacker.