FSP 105 Forensic Graphology

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    5 Forensic Graphology

    The word “Graphology” is derived from two Greek words: “Graphos” meaning writing and “logos” is study. Therefore, an in-depth study conducted to ascertain a person’s psychological and emotional conditions by analyzing his/her physical characteristics and pattern produced in the handwriting. Graphology is a science of great help to improve one’s personal, social and team-related skills. Handwriting, being the brain writing is involuntary in nature and thus, whatever the writer writes, is in a manner influenced by the psychological and emotional junctures of the brain. This act is impulsive, therefore it can easily be taken into account in order to reveal the hidden personality and the mental and social conditions by a substantial examination of the handwriting.


    Forensic Graphology is a part of Forensic Science. In the course entitled as Forensic Graphology, we apply the methodology of Graphology in order to do the criminal profiling of the culprits, to get a better hold on their abusive behavior, criminal nature and schizoid characters.


    A proper practice after a detailed theoretical and practical sessions would prepare the students to handle any type of case and any kind of handwriting. This science would equip the students with a full-fledged understanding, so that they can imply it on to the legal, practical, social as well as personal affairs.