FSP 501 Forensic Odontology

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    Forensic Odontology

    The word “Odontology” is comprised of two Greek words “odonto” which suggests “tooth” and “logos” mean “study”, also termed as “Forensic Dentistry”. Therefore, in a very precise manner, dentistry are often outlined as a science that deals with the study of human dentition. However in broad terms, Forensic dentistry, additionally referred to as Forensic medical specialty, is that the application of dental experience to system or for the aim of law or justice. The scope of Forensic dentistry focuses on 3 main aspects that are: the identification of unknown remains by teeth, jaw and craniofacial remains, analysis of oro-facial trauma connected with personal abuse and dental jurisprudence.


    The history of the respective Forensic medical specialty dates back to forty nine B.C. once Agrippina (mother of Emperor of Rome Nero) ordered the death of her rival Lollia Paulina, who was rival with her, to be the better half of Emperor Claudius. Agrippina needed to check Paulina's head as a symptom of her death, however she wasn't certain that her challenger was dead till she detected Paulina's distinctive stained front teeth.


    Another noted case of Forensic dentistry recorded in history was that of Paul Revere, who additionally to being associate Yankee silver-worker was additionally a tooth doctor. He was the one who helped establish the identity of the Revolutionary War dead World Health Organization had been buried on the piece of ground, on the idea of their teeth and dental work.


    Human Dentition has three characteristics in common, that imparts a noticeably distinctive and salient mode of identification by the utilization of dental records. The 3 distinctive traits are, they being diphyodont (occur in two generations), thecodont (being embedded in a bony socket) and heterodont (bearing typical morphological structures).


    General Applications of Forensic dentistry in legal prospects are: Forensic medical specialty plays an important role in establishing associate personal identity of the unidentified human remains. Within the cases of mass disasters, wherever the quantity of deceased exceeds the capability of native jurisdiction answerable for Forensic investigation; then Forensic dentistry is that the final and most powerful tool which will be used for the identification of mass disaster victim’s by analysing their ante-mortem dental records. Bite-mark analysis is that the most vital requisite of a Forensic Odontologist. Bite-mark injuries are unremarkably encountered in cases associated with sexual assaults, ill-treatment or abuse etc. Bite-marks are of great worth, as they will facilitate in establishing the identity of the wrongdoer of the crime. In cases of alleged abuse, bite-mark analysis is of utmost significance, as already mentioned. But, in addition disfigurement of oro-facial bones owing to injury will aid within the assessment of cases of abuse. Age estimation of associate unidentified body are often done close to victimization the dental records. As a matter of reality, we tend to all recognize that at a particular age solely bound teeth erupt. Thus, estimation older is of prime importance for associate investigator. In addition, associate professional Forensic odontologists will even confirm the race associated sex of an unidentified stay.


    This course would very competently and with an apt practical sessions would provide the students to understand and acquaint themselves with the basics of the science of dentistry and its utility in cases pertaining to legal admissibility of the bite-marks.