FSP 101 Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation

Mode of Study -- Online
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    Course Outline

    Forensic Entomology

    The main focus of the Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation course is to provide the students an ability to anticipate and understand the fundamentals on which the science of Forensic relies. Forensic Science and the Criminal Investigation course would enable the students to observe and analyze the nitty-gritties of a crime scene, the crime concerned and the mode involved in committing the crime. As every crime scene and the crime committed is unique in its manner, therefore this course would provide the students an ability to understand and analyze every crime scene and the associated factors keeping in mind the principles on which the science of Forensic is based. Besides thorough theory classes; an exposure to proper, organized and interactive practical sessions will also be a mandatory part of the respective course structure.


    Forensic Science is that exclusive and amazing discipline of Science, which relies on the application of scientific methodologies and techniques for the affairs and matters pertaining to law. Forensic Science and its techniques thoroughly depends up on the principle proposed by a French Scientist called Edmond Locard, who is considered the pioneer of this science by proposing the fact that, in every contact traces are shared mutually. Since then to till date, the investigation is processed in every case keeping this scientific fact in account.


    Criminal Investigation, as the name suggests is the investigation of every crime scene uniquely and precisely, so that no evidence which could be linked to that specific crime slips off the eyes of an Investigator. Crime Scene Investigation plays a very pivotal part in the entire legal processing, as this investigation provides the investigator a link that could bind the victim and the perpetrator to the concerned crime, on the basis of the evidences encountered in and during the processing the entire scene of crime.


    A chronological and protocolled search of the scene of crime and a scientific approach well-equipped with technicality towards the circumstantial evidences encountered, curtails the chances of poor validation of the associated case.