FSP 205 Private Investigation & Detective

Mode of Study -- Online
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    Course Outline

    Private Investigation & Detective

    Private Investigation and Detective courses have become a very hot trend among the youth in the recent times. An analytical skill with logical thinking and sharp mind can bring an elevation in your financial conditions because of the progressively increasing cases of crime as fraudulent activities, missing persons, skip tracing, spouse infidelity, identity theft and lots more. Therefore, this course provides the aspirant a promising and happening career, irrespective of the fields as Science, Arts or Commerce. All required is an urge and commitment to work effortlessly, logically and without any time-limits.


    In this course, we train and make them professionally prepare for the risks that they may confront working as a Private Investigator. This field has numerable challenges in its store, at every point and therefore, the primary matter of concern while making the students understand the basics of this course is to prepare them physically and mentally to meet all the possible challenges they may have to undergo while working as an expert Private Investigator. This job needs commitment for long hours, as in order to collect relevant evidences an Investigator may have to keep tracking the clues and related facts even at odd-hours. Thus, the students are trained in such a manner that they get prepared to face any dare while working as a professional Private Investigator.

    Corporate Private Investigation

    This module deals with corporate private investigations like employee theft, undercover operations, surveillance and photography, including foot surveillance

    Property Investigation

    This module deals with investigation related to property disputes that is asset investigation, business intelligence investigations, industrial espionage investigation and counter measures, electronic surveillance and computer crime investigations.