FSP 503 Wildlife Forensics

Mode of Study -- Online
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    Course Outline

    Wildlife Forensics

    Wildlife Forensic is comparably a brand new learning field of analysis and education for college kids and scientists, during which the whole course material deals with the study of life creatures and their behaviour and adaptation with the encircling. A life Specialist is the one who studies concerning completely different life species and their life cycles, their habits and natural habitats.


    Wildlife Forensic professional will a similar task as the other Forensic Investigator would do. The task of such associate professional is collection proof from crime scenes, analysing weapons and, determinative and establishing the explanation for death. However, in contrast to criminal Forensic investigation, the victim and also the criminal is associate animal instead of human, except, just in case of illegal preparation, hunting, commercialism and mercantilism.


    Specifically, Wildlife Forensic is outlined as, that special discipline of Science that is applied to answer the legal queries handling the involvement of life. Society pays an important value, once a criminal offense is committed against plants and animals as well as illegal life trade and abuse against animals. This commission of crime against such innocuous creatures not solely negatively impact the balance of the character however additionally, the total raised from such crimes are accustomed with raising of funds by encouraging numerous different grievous and bestial crimes as illegal drug supply, weapons, terrorism, human trafficking and so.


    The course content of the topic is specially designed keeping in mind the main concern, i.e. Nature Conservation by providing ample protection to the endangered species, which are one in all the distinctive and most special assets of Mother Nature. Major life crimes, evidences & law methodologies, specimen identification, lawless mercantilism, killing, searching and preparation, exporting, life Genetic & DNA Forensics, species management and conservation are a few major fields of scope lined under this subject.


    Wildlife Forensic, to a bigger extent is understood to contribute within the Nature Conservation, because the crime of preparation of sure species may be prevented solely by the contribution of a life Forensic professional. Besides, it's a robust tool in bridging the gap between the biological science conservation and law enforcement. In addition, this science additionally provides a Forensic genetic detection and analysis technology to make use of the increasing poaching and illegal trading as fact-finding tools by life enforcement bodies.


    Wildlife Forensic is that rising trend within the huge and rapidly developing boundaries of Forensic that is understood to be one in all the foremost powerful and reliable tools for the character conservation; because it has tested its bravery in preventing illegal domestic and life preparation. Wildlife Forensic opens a large panorama before Forensic Science students additionally as Nature Conservationists.