Forensic Online Courses

Mode of Study -- Online
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Online Courses is one of the most flexible modern learning processes. Such a course ensures the students follow a flexible study criterion that suits their daily lifestyle. In this mode of learning, students get an opportunity to frame out a better career chances with lesser expense, as they need not bother about the accommodation, transportation and other such charges.  This learning process also provides vast options to the students belonging far from the study centers, as they need not think of any expense other than the course fee and all they need for the learning purpose is a computer and an access to internet.

Our online courses are designed for the students interested in the field of criminal studies to create a profession of their own. This adventurous field of Science would not only pave a way for their livelihood but it would also make them do something good for the society and the people around.

Our online course instructors are working professionals handling real-life cases related to various wings of Forensic Science. They are also called as Expert Witness in the Court of Law in order to give their valuable opinions on various cases related to Handwriting Identification, Signature Frauds, Questioned Document Examination, Photocopy Frauds, Cyber crimes, Voice Identification and so on. The only requirement to be enrolled as a student of our online course is to have a strong will power and determination to work hard. After the completion of our online course one can work as a competent Expert in any Indian Court, as per the law stated in section 45 of The Indian Evidence Act.

Forensic Science Online Courses