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Getting training from SIFS INDIA on Expanding Horizons on Forensic Document Examination has been a great experience. Their Professional Trainer have always been available to assist and bring as such value as possible to our training. Plus, we’ve received rave reviews from both business and IT users who have gone through the this training sessions. We have staff in 13 different zones in India and SIFS INDIA has locations in every one of them. That’s huge advantages for us....

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We are very happy to take join the SIFS INDIA as a Forensic Training Vendor. It is one of the best Forensic Institute we consider for training. They deliver high quality services, Advanced Forensic training materials, study metrical , syllabus, good administrate, Recruitment and H R services. We are really enjoying our success and growth by the training. We never looked back after associating with SIFS. Thanks a lot for wonderful support.

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Forensic Science has occupied a very important role in Homes, Banks, Colleges, Cyber cafes, Government, Semi govt. sectors, Call Centres & even at homes. Every computer user feels that the Forensic Person must solve his problems in the minimum period of time. SIFS has always maintained industry interactions including various activities like training, consultancy and joint research through involvement of students. In the quest of knowledge and with a mission to empower the students in their becoming excellent human resources and to contribute meani

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