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Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime scene investigation is considered as the assembly of three main components i.e. logic, science and law. The processing of a crime scene includes long, complex and tedious process that requires purposeful documentations and note making of the circumstances present at the scene of crime. The forensic crime scene investigation training is very useful for police professional as the police are considered to be the first one who got notification of any crime occurred at their nearby place, hence it is important to every police and law enforcement member to aware with the steps of crime scene investigation and management. SIFS INDIA efforts to enhance the capacity of Indian and modern crime trends, investigation techniques, awareness and risk management with a view of preventing crime. The crime scene forensics training is planned to cover all the minor detailing of investigation procedure and importance of evidence present on crime scene because ultimately the evidential value is the outcome of the solving any crime scene. The documentation, collection, preservation and packaging till transfer to the forensic lab, every single step is clearly explained with the motive to train every individual the best of the knowledge.

  • Curriculum

    Crime Scene Protection and Management

    Seven steps of Crime scene Investigation

    Collection and Preservation of Physical Evidence

    Collection and Preservation of Biological Evidence

    Collection and Preservation of Chemical Evidence

    Chain of Custody: Packaging and Forwarding to FSL

    Issues and Challenges in Court for IO in Legal Perspective

  • Why this training is important for police officials?

    This training is specifically planned for the police professional because they are the one who were supposed to be the first responder in any crime scene. Hence it is important for them to know the concepts of crime scene investigation.

  • What is the duration of the training program?

    The duration of training program is completely dependent on requirement of the police professionals.

  • Do the expert provided is having the crime scene investigation experience?

    Yes the expert is having very well proficient knowledge of investigating crime scene. Also the expert is experienced in analysing different crime scene.

  • What will I receive after this training?

    The police officials will be provided with Certificate of the training.

  • Where can I approach for any issues faced regarding the discussion on training?

    You can call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us +91-7303913002 or +91-7303913003. You can also write to us at

All the Learners are requested to get themselves prepare with the basic essentials of the training mentioned below:

- Basic Stationery

- Crime Scene Investigation Kit

- Requirement of essential as per practical work (will be informed prior to the session)

Ram Singh


As per the requirement of current situation, this training is really helpful for us to embrace our technical knowledge.

Narsimh Singh


Thank you for this training session. I learned a lot of things related to cyber threats and also the investigation procedure for the same.



This training was very interesting and the expert knowledge is simply remarkable and intellectual.

Shayamal Kumar


I like the interaction skill of the expert. Thank you for this valuable training.

Suresh Chandra


I am thankful for this training session for giving us immense knowledge and information



Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Managing Director

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