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Crime Scene Investigation

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Every crime scene has its peculiarities and should be interpreted with the help of evidentiary values. No crime scene can be similar and hence it’s the role of Forensic Expert to figure out the evidence with sagacity and analyze the same. The crime scene management is one of the significant aspects of a crime scene. The hands-on training in Crime Scene Investigation would expose and comprehend the learners about the crucial nature of the evidence and what is to be regarded as evidence, keeping in mind the admissibility of the same in the Court of Law. The collection of evidence, it's packaging, and preservation are the chief aspects that the learner should be aware of. This training would give a gist of the importance of the evidence and how to investigate the crime scene from the Expert’s light, which plays the most imperative part of forensic science. 

  • Curriculum

    Crime Scene Management

    Understanding different Type of Crimes

    Importance of Team Work at Crime Scene

    Art of Evidence Marking

    Crime Scene & Evidence Photography

    Crime Scene Sketching

    Evidence Collection, Packaging, Labelling, and Sealing

    About the latest Tools and Techniques used in Investigation

  • How would I gain knowledge of the crime scene from hands-on training?

    The training programme is planned in such a way that we perform mock crime session for learners understanding inspired from real crime scene as well.

  • What is the Experts' qualification to give a view about the training?

    The Experts have experienced the real life cases and opined for the same. They are trained in their respective field and posses desired qualifications required to train the learners.

  • What is the eligibility to experience hands-on training?

    The learner must be from the field of forensic and no such eligibility bound to the educational qualification are there for appearing for hands-on training.  

  • What are the basic requirements for hands-on training?

    The hands-on training essentials would be required as per the field of training and are of daily requirements. The participants would be given prior information and for further clearance, one can check under training essentials section of the specified training. 

  • I have some doubts regarding the training, how to contact you?

    You can contact us at or call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us +91-7303913002 or +91-7303913003.

All the Learners are requested to get themselves prepare with the basic essentials of the training mentioned below:

- Basic Stationery

- Crime Scene Investigation Kit

- Requirement of essential as per practical work (will be informed prior to the session)

Ruth Floren Armiwita Septapani Berutu


Anyone new to forensic and facing issues while learning the concepts, should go for hands-on training by SIFS. Worthy and interactive training. 

Vidur Dhawan


I am thankful enough to SIFS for giving us opportunity to learn about crime scene investigation just like the real one with clear insights.

S.G Jeyandhar Ram


The training conducted by the Experts at SIFS was full of information and innovation. Loved it. Would surely attend more

Ranee Naktode


The hands-on experience of crime scene investigation was worth sharing with my friends and colleagues. The training was effective in all aspects. Appreciate the team at SIFS.

Nnoruga Doris


Sir has mentored us so well, I would recommend everyone to attend the same and grow your knowledge in forensic. SIFS has done a great job. 



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