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Fingerprint Examination

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Fingerprints have been regarded as crucial evidence. These are individual and do not change with any circumstance, hence the most promising feature in concern. The aim to identify an individual through his/her fingerprint can be fulfilled by acquiring basic knowledge of the same. Here SIFS INDIA comes into the role of making people aware and makes the avid learners comprehend the science behind the fingerprints. Since the topic of reference involved high practical involvement, hands-on training in fingerprint examination is one of the best ways to learn from Experts. The learners are introduced to the basics of the concept of the advanced practices involved in science and give them adequate opportunities to learn and apply the same in their daily life and the professional as well. Hence, one with enthusiasm looking out to widen his/her knowledge with practical hands-on training, should opt for the same and take a step ahead of becoming an Expert. 

  • Curriculum

    Fingerprint Patterns

    - Arches

    - Whorls

    - Loops

    Types of Fingerprints

    - Latent or Chance Prints 

    - Patent or Visible Prints

    - Plastic Prints

    Development of Latent Prints

    - Physical Methods  

    - Fuming Methods

    - Chemical Methods 

    - Electrostatic lifting

    Collecting Fingerprint from Various Surfaces

    - Taping Method 

    - Rubber Gelatin Lifters 

    - Hinge filter

    - Casing Method

    Comparison Method

  • Can this science be applied in our day-to-day lives?

    Yes. We do use this in our day-to-day lives. With the advancements in technology, now our smartphones and other tech-devices are using fingerprint as the security medium. In various companies, employees also mark their attendance using the fingerprint. 

  • From whom I would be getting trained?

    The training is conducted by Professional expertise in the respective discipline and had experience on real cases as well. This gives a strong opinion for working in real life and various opportunities to learn. 

  • What do I require to be a part of hands-on training?

    The hands-on training essentials would be required as per the field of training and are of daily requirements. The participants would be given prior information and for further clearance, one can check under training essentials section of the specified training. 

  • How can I enroll in for getting hands-on training on fingerprints?

    For enrollment in the hands-on training conducted by us, one can click on the registration link and fill out the essential details and make the payment in the end. The confirmation would be given from our end as well. In case of any issues, you can freely contact us. 

  • Where should I contact in case of any queries?

    You can contact us at or call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us +91-7303913002 or +91-7303913003.

All the Learners are requested to get themselves prepare with the basic essentials of the training mentioned below:

- Basic Stationery

- Laptop with Charger

- Microsoft Office

- Requirement of essential as per practical work (will be informed prior to the session)

Vivek Kumar


The experts point of view was worth experiencing. Thankyou SIFS for the exposure.

Anjali Khatri

One of the best hands on training for widen my knowledge in the field of forensics. The efforts put by the team are appreciable.

Anu Kaliraman


I am glad I did this training. The fingerprint has now a different image in my minds and Experts have justified the training.

Komal Rathi


The team at SIFS is giving all they have and the efforts are commendable. Thankyou for such a wonderful training. 



SIFS has been giving the best hands-on training and never disappoints me. It is worthy and interesting. All team members excel at their fields. 



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