Dahir Mohamed Dahir

I am truly confident that the knowledge that I acquired during my studies is going be a game changer. I will be indebted for such course.

Benny Sharma

My teachers have contributed immensely to my student life. They enlightened me about this field and the cooperation of my teachers has helped me a lot.
New Delhi

Natasha Kavita Rahaman

SIFS made my learning curve very intuitive . Karun explains the nitty gritties of statistics very thoroughly. I would like to opt for more courses to increase my knowledge.

Dr. Sonal Saigal

Sherlock Institute provides courses which are unique and with quality education to its students. Glad to be a part of such amazing organization with great team.

Emmanuel Henry

Grateful to SIFS for such reliable and informative support in forensic science. Thankyou for patient listener to all my queries and solving them on time.

Asha Auckloo

Loved Sherlock Institute for its help and imparting knowledge to the students at its par. The instructor was so helping and the whole process was easy.

Dr. Abbas

It is one of the best forensic knowledge imparting institute with an outstanding team of experts. Kudos to team SIFS for the efforts.

Jaydeep Singh

The ability to confidently handle every challenges with your valuable contribution was really helpful in my case. Strongly recommended.

Sharad Srivastava

I think SIFS did an awesome job with this course. It was awesome. Hope to attend many such courses in future and wish to remain a part of the SIFS family.

Patel Foram Rajeshkumar

The course was very interesting and knowledgeable, helped a lot in knowing new things. Way of teaching is very effective and simplified.

Rajkumar R

Being myself as an advocate , SIFS opened the door for me & of course Ranjeet sir. He just shared knowledge of him. Proud to be a Ranjeet sir student.

Aanishka Agrawal

Thank you SIFS for the opportunity and I am having a very good experience as well. Thank you for this course. It's an amazing and effective time with you.

Murugaiah S.

Its very good center to learn about forensic . Best platform for beginners like me who imparted knowledge from basic to advanced as well.
Tamil Nadu

Ruth Floren Armiwita Septapani Berutu

It was a very informative course. Learnt a lot. This was the best choice i had made. Thanks a lot for this course. I am gladly looking forward for more.

Ramesh Kachru Gabhud

The course was very insightful and broadened my knowledge in the field of forensic science. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thank you.

Sonali Suryakant Shinde

When it comes to forensic science learning, online and manage time on your own, go to SIFS and learn without any doubt in your mind.

Ganga Gowri. P

The enrollment into course is with ease and the course delivers above the expectations with the aid of other events in forensic.

Rudrapankthi Srinivasa Rao

Prompt replies and valuable help made SIFS India the best institute for me. It is worth spending into the courses they provide.

K. Jaya Sai Ramya

Forensic learning is best done from the help of SIFS INDIA and the team surely kept me motivating and accessed me very well.

Sandeep Pratim Deori

The instructors are so helpful and replied promptly to my quires. The content was really well and helped me a lot in learning and understanding the concepts.

Charu Gajendra Soni

SIFS INDIA has the best online courses to self learn and get into forensic with the basic and elaborate knowledge as well.


SIFS webinars are very helpful. The instructors make it a collaborative learning environment. Karun is also accessible to solve doubts over email. 
New Delhi

Manisha Verma

The course detailed are really good and the content is upto the mark. Thankyou SIFS INDIA for making me learn the unexplored aspects.

Tanish Parekh

The course has been a boon to my knowledge. Really great efforts by team of SIFS India in imparting knowledge and awareness to people in forensic.

Chandralekha Tata

The course I opted for has really helped me to learn the forensic and SIFS has put its all to make it in an easy way possible. Thankyou.

Vishnu Prasath

This course contains everything one could hope for. What I like about SIFS is the timely response for every queries. No one has helped like they did.

Mahima Sharma

It was a great experience. The course and syllabus was very well framed and enriching. Even the webinars are very informative.
New Delhi

Raj Vignesh B

Excellent platform to gain our forensic knowledge with ease and student friendly experts. They treat with professionalism and with care as well. Thankyou SIFS.
Tamil Nadu

Avni Aggarwal

Thank you SIFS for giving this opportunity. The teacher are also very good, experienced and explain everything in proper and effective way. Thank you

Vineet Gautam

My experience with SIFS was good. SIFS never failed to deliver the promises as said. Thanks to the team, instructor and Ranjeet sir for the initiative.


It was a very informative course. Karun is highly knowledgeable in Big Data and Machine Learning. My understanding in application of AI in forensics has broadened. Highly recommend

Mogakolodi Boikanyo

Still connected with the institute and had enrolled in the online course. Best institute to learn forensic and gather knowledge from experts.

Ronnie Tamburike Mwaenga

The course has really been fruitful to me and I am glad to be a part of this institution. This institution has played a major role in giving education to me.