01Dec, 2023

4th International Forensic Science Conference

Offline and online forensic science conference focusing on approaches for solving challenging crimes, research presentations, and networking opportunities.
24Aug, 2023

IASR 14th International Conference on Forensic Science

Join the Forensic Science eConference to learn about scientific approaches for solving challenging and intractable crimes, research presentations, and networking opportunities.
25Aug, 2022

IASR 13th International Conference on Forensic Science

Join the Forensic Science eConference and explore the latest in research, networking, and advancements in the field of forensics.
11Dec, 2021

IASR 12th International Conference on Forensic Physics

Be a part of the Forensic Physics eConference for discussions on the latest trends, research presentations, and networking in the realm of forensic science.
27Nov, 2021

IASR 11th International Conference on Cyber Security

Explore the Cyber Security eConference and join experts for discussions, insights, and networking in the field of cybersecurity.
30Oct, 2021

IASR 10th International Conference on Crime Scene Investigation

Join the Crime Scene Investigation eConference, engage in discussions with experts, and gain insights about the latest developments in the field of forensic science.
29Sep, 2021

IASR 9th International Conference on Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology

Immerse yourself in the world of Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology at the online Conference. Engage in discussions, explore new research, and expand your network.
28Aug, 2021

IASR 8th International Conference on Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Connect with experts at the Forensic Medicine and Toxicology eConference. Explore technology advancements, challenges faced, and cutting-edge research about evidence analysis.
24Jul, 2021

IASR 7th International Conference on Forensic Psychology

Join us to connect with experts at the Forensic Psychology eConference and learn about the relationship between human psychology and the criminal justice system.
26Jun, 2021

IASR 6th International Conference on Cyber & Digital Forensics

Join us at the Cyber and Digital Forensics eConference. Engage in impactful discussions, discover groundbreaking research to handle cyber fraud, and network with experts.

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