Vision & Mission


The Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science offers learners from all around the world training, internship opportunities, and high-quality educational courses.

We focus on providing students with flexible, creative, and cost-effective educational programmes that will benefit them both personally and professionally.

Our objective is to offer learners a user-friendly, worldwide platform that will enable them to succeed in their chosen fields of employment.


We aim to create a platform for productive online interaction between teachers and students.

We strive to deliver top-notch educational programmes that are pertinent to each student's selected field of study and future employment.

To make learning easier for the apprentices and practitioners, we promise to offer them a pleasant environment.

We intend to offer supplemental DVD course modules, books, research papers, or articles to aid students in their never-ending quest for knowledge.

We pledge to uphold the Institute's reputation by offering you a top-notch educational experience, immediately returning your emails and phone calls, and upholding the Institute's brand with a goal of 100% student satisfaction.