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Introduction to Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation
  • Published Date: 26 August 2020
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Introduction to Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation

By Dr. (Mrs) Rukmani Krishnamurthy


The book ‘Introduction to Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation’ is emphasized on Crime Scene Management” which is the need of hour for the above professionals and students pursuing Forensic Science courses. The scene of crime is fortune for evidence and their collection of the same with the proper guidance of Forensic Expert will surely help in bringing justice to the innocent. With the advancement of technology used by offenders, the Experts should be ahead of them with more progressive technology. This is helpful in acquiring evidences from cases like murder, rape, sexual assault, terrorist activities, explosion, arson, cyber crimes, extortion, etc.The book plays the role of illumination the aspiring minds regarding topics like Types of Crime, Crime Scene, Crime Scene in Natural Disaster, people involved in Investigation, Crime Scene Management, First responding officers, Protection of the crime scene, Reconstruction of the crime scene, scientific survey and documentation of crime scene. Role of different professionals, scientific techniques used in Biological evidence, Arson, explosive, Narcotic Drugs, Adulteration in building materials, Adulteration in Petroleum Products, Firearms, toxicology, Documentation, Foot Prints, Finger Prints, Cyber Forensic, Voice analysis, Forensic Psychology, etc. 
Dr. (Mrs) Rukmani Krishnamurthy has headed Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, Maharashtra from 2002-2008. He has been a meritorious student completing her M.Sc. and P.hd. in Chemistry and related branches. She has been a member of numerous national level Advisory Committee and currently working as the Technical Advisor for the Institute of Forensic Science in Maharashtra. She is also involved in the establishment of various private Forensic Science Labs.   

ISBN: 978-81-89128-27-2

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  • Page Count: 641

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