Karun Singla

Karun Singla

Forensic Instructor

Engineering Bachelors

Karun Singla

Karun is a seasoned data science professional with experience in deploying large scale ML services. His core expertise lies in addressing core business problems. He finished his Bachelors in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU) in 2015. After working in companies like Paytm, UnitedHealth Group, Dailyhunt(Funded by Google) he is currently leading AI initiatives at Revolut, UK.  

He has developed a holistic skillset in cloud computing, distributed systems using spark and scala,  machine learning, reinforcement learning. His technical expertise include working on Python, Spark, Scala, containerised orchestration using kubernetes, Hadoop and MLOps.

Some of his core contributions  are in the fields of healthcare, e-commerce and fintech. These include disease propensity models, large scale recommender systems using candidate generation & reranker architectures and fraud detection.

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