Achsah Merrin John


Masters in Fingerprint and Questioned Document

Achsah Merrin John

Achsah Merrin John is currently working as a lecturer at the Department of Forensic Science, Jain (a supposed university), Bangalore. Her academic proficiencies include Graduation in Forensic Science from the Government Institute of Forensic Science in Maharashtra and Post-graduation in forensic science with a specialization in Fingerprint and Questioned Document Examination from Gujarat Forensic Science University in 2020. She has acquired experience in teaching and training students in the field of forensic science for the past year. She has also played the real-life role of a Research Guide for MSc Dissertation Students. She has made herself well acquainted with the blended mode of teaching. Her key focus was always more tilted towards the field of Fingerprint and Document Examination. So, to enhance her knowledge and get a deeper insight, she pursued an internship under the Directorate of Forensic Science in Gujarat, India, where she learned about handling cases related to Insurance and Forgery, Report preparation, and also getting acquainted with the AFIS Instruments as well as Document Examination instruments.

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