Dr. Tina Sharma

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Forensic Science, Chandigarh University

Dr. Tina Sharma

Dr. Tina Sharma is a Competent Professional working as an Assistant Professor, at the Department of Forensic Science Chandigarh University with approximately 9 years of experience- Teaching, Research & Administration, Core Competencies & General Management Strengths. During her academic career, She has contributed in various work domains such as Department-NAAC Coordinator, Co-curricular Activities Coordinator and Extracurricular Activities Coordinator, Active Member of the Research Degree Committee (RDC), Member of Board of Studies (BOS)-Syllabus & Ordinance Formation Committee. She was working as UGC Research Fellow under a Basic Scientific Research fellowship at Punjabi University, Patiala. Presently, she is guiding 4 doctorate research Thesis and she has guided 36 Master’s Research Thesis. During her research career, she has Edited Books with CRC, Wiley and Springer publishers. Book Chapters, and 90 DNA Sequences in NCBI and contributed more than 30 Research papers in various journals and conferences. Her areas of interest are DNA Barcoding, Forensic Biology, and Fingerprint Examination. She has been involved in teaching Forensic Biology, Advance Forensic Biology & DNA profiling, Fingerprint Examination, and Forensic Anthropology. She has successfully introduced a paper on Fingerprint Examination during her Masters’ level research conducted at Punjabi university Patiala, which is a pioneering work in India and has been published in Journal associated with Springer Publisher. Her research work has appeared in various International journals published by Springer and Elsevier. Her opinions and articles on issues of DNA profiling, Fingerprint examination, Forensic Biology and Anthropology appear in the regional /national and international print and electronic media.

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