Dr. Vinny Sharma

Assistant Professor

Galgotias University, Greater Noida

Dr. Vinny Sharma

Dr. Vinny Sharma is an Assistant Professor in the Forensic Science Division at Galgotias University, India. She is Python-Certified, LaTeX-Certified, and pursuing a Ph.D. She specializes in fingerprints, questioned documents, handwriting, signature examination, instrumentation, forensic photography, fingerprint digitization, e-documents, online character recognition, Python, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. She has a patent for using AI in vehicular accident investigations. Sharma is a member of renowned organizations and has published over 50 research papers. She has also been invited to speak at conferences and webinars and has been awarded the Honorary Membership of the Criminological Research and Development Organization. She is also an active counselor for survivors of sexual assault and an activist against cyberbullying.

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