Dr. Vinod Dhingra

Senior Scientific Officer RFSL, Gwalior

Senior Scientific Officer

Dr. Vinod Dhingra

Dr. Vinod Dhingra, Senior Scientific Officer RFSL, Gwalior did his P.G. in Organic Chemistry from the Jiwaji University of Gwalior in 1989 with the first position on the merit list. He was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy by Jiwaji University, Gwalior in 1993. In 1998, he was selected by the Government of Madhya Pradesh as a scientific officer in the Forensic Science Laboratory. He has done a Certificate Course in Crime Scene Investigation at NICFS, MHA, GOI, New Delhi in 1999. During his career as a Forensic Scientist, he underwent several trainings from various Indian premier institutes like ITRC Lucknow, CFTRI, Mysore, etc. He presented and published numerous research papers of national and international repute. Having a vast experience of about 25 years as an Officer in the field of Forensic Science and Crime Investigation and having inspected 200 various types of scenes of crime – homicide, suicide, accident, rape, arson. His experience helped him in analyzing and reconstructing the scenes of crime in many doubting and sensational cases and analyzed about 11000 cases and more than 23000 exhibits of criminal cases of chemistry and toxicology. The Directorate of Forensic Science, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, honoured him with DFS Meritorious AWARD–2008, in the field of Chemical Sciences

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