Kelvin Agimogim

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

Kelvin Agimogim

Dr. Kelvin Agimogim is an experienced Biomedical Scientist, Bioengineer, Molecular/ Life Science Application Specialist & Technical Support. He performs a variety of multi-skilled support functions, including Specimen Collection, Specimen Preparation for Testing as well as performing complex Chemical, Biological, Hematological, Immunologic, Microscopic, Virological, and Bacteriological Tests. He is also a Clinical Applications Specialist, working for Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors, helping Medical Personnel to install and use the equipment in their facilities. He is keenly interested in providing training for medical providers about new equipment and their working in the field and encourages them to purchase items that best suit their needs. He has also excelled in Supply Chain Management and Logistics for Health Commodities, Program Management, Sales, Marketing, and After-sale Installation and Maintenance for various facilities. He has demonstrated a strong contribution in developing, recommending, and implementing policies, programs, and procedures for the operation of organizations' multi-jurisdictional medical services.

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