Mustafa Hamad

Dentist, Forensic Odontologist, Researcher

MSc. Forensic Odontology, BDS. Dental Medicine and Surgery

Mustafa Hamad

Mustafa Hamad is a Dentist from Sudan with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Medicine and Surgery from Khartoum College of Medical Sciences, Khartoum. During his graduation, he worked in many of the top dental institutions in the capital, such as the military and Police Hospitals in Khartoum. He is more involved in dentistry in the Department of Surgery and the Conservative Department. Additionally, he has also played a significant role in the field of forensic science, such as the age estimation of juvenile offenders. As a Medical Officer at Military Hospital Khartoum, he has performed more than 400 invasive and non-invasive tooth extractions in addition to more than 20 major dental operations.  After a six-month working period in the police hospital, he was enlisted in the military hospital as part of army national service, during which he served completely as a civil dentist in the military hospital. He was in charge of training trainees, assisting in major operations in addition to forensic duties such as identifying and combating the casualties in the army through dental records, and had also helped in creating the database of dental records for army recruitments. In addition to teaching undergraduate dental students, he has also conducted practical sessions for clinical procedures and phantom heads. In 2020, he was enrolled in the Forensic Odontology Master’s Program at KU Leuven in Belgium. During his master's, he provided training in one of the most advanced hospitals in Belgium, Gasthuisberg. Moreover, he is also an active member of Kenyon International Emergency Service, which specializes in disaster response and recovery.

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