Ranjana Vaishnav

Teaching Faculty (CHB, Mumbai University)

MSc in Forensic Science

Ranjana Vaishnav

Ranjana Vaishnav is currently working as a teaching faculty member for B.Sc. Forensic Science Students at Mumbai University. After completing her basic education, she completed her Graduation and Post-graduation in Forensic Science from the Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Apart from her academics, she has also taken some Certificate Courses in Computers and Computer Technology to strengthen her knowledge in the field. She is a certified Microsoft Innovation educator. Her interest in teaching students was always high because of her motive to make students more cognizant of their academics as well as their overall development. With this, she has acquired teaching skills in her experience by serving her knowledge as a Teaching faculty member at “Abhinav Vidya Mandir School, Bhayander, Mumbai'', “Noble Public School,Surat”, and “The Millennium School,Jaipur”. Apart from this, she has a great experience as an Online Tutor at the “Learning Curve-My Personal Tutor” Platform.

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