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Duration: 1 Month

The Cyber Forensic Investigation Online Internship by SIFS India focuses on enhancing your real-world case-solving capabilities to collect, store, and examine digital evidence within the legal framework. In-depth theoretical curriculum along with case studies will empower you with the skills to tackle the complexities of the cyber world efficiently.

In this online internship, you will learn about digital crime scene basics, digital evidence handling, network forensics, file systems and traffic analysis, forensic imaging techniques, incident response, report writing, strategies to counteract threats like phishing, vishing, and hacking, ways to present your findings, mobile and cloud forensics, and dark web investigation techniques.

Upon successfully completing this online internship, you will receive a certificate that you can add to your resume for enhanced career prospects and will have enough knowledge to help organizations detect cyber fraud and also learn how to safeguard themselves in the digital landscape.

Important Information:

  1. All of the sessions are conducted on the Zoom platform in accordance with Indian Standard Time (IST). 
  2. The batch will start with a minimum of 10 students.
  3. If you are interested in pursuing this internship for 3 months or 6 months, please feel free to contact us at +91 7303913003.

Payment Details:

Account Details for Student

Bank Name  - ICICI BANK
Acc. Name    - SIFS INDIA PVT. LTD.
Account No. - 663505500086
Type         - Current
IFSC Code    -   ICIC0000160

  • Training Outcome

    Introduction to Cyber Forensic Investigation

    Overview of Cyber Forensics

    Importance of Digital Evidence

    Legal and Ethical Considerations in Cyber Investigations 

    Digital Crime Scene Investigation

    Understanding Digital Crime Scenes

    -Brief learning about Chain of custody

    - Learning objectives of crime scene investigation and the challenges, with Case study

    - Brief knowledge about Searching of Evidence and handling of Digital Evidences.

    Acquisition of Digital evidences.

    - Brief learning about acquisition tools and methods for Android, IOS & Hard disk.

    - Overview about Mobile Data Extraction software and its specifications.

    - Learning Objectives about Hard disk data recovery 

    Cyber Forensic Tools & Technique's (Mobile Phones - Android & iOS)

    Handling of Cyber Forensic Tools 

    Practical Methodological procedure of Mobile Data Extraction and Its Limitations

    Analysis of File Systems and Memory

    Practical Methodological procedure of Mobile Data Extraction (UFED)

    Practical Methodological procedure of Mobile Data Extraction (Mobikin)

     Investigation Methodologies

     Practical methodology procedure of Mobile Data extraction

    Disk management system and it's importance

    Forensic Investigation of Digital Data. 

    Advanced Topics in Cyber Forensics

    Network Forensics and traffic analysis. 

    Cloud Forensics

    Stenography and types of stenography and its techniques

    Email forensics

    Cloud Forensics - Case study"

    Facial Recognition

    Audio Verification

    Photography Recognition                           

    CCTV Forensics

  • What steps should I follow to enroll in this Online Internship?

    To enroll, click on the “Register” option available on the right side of the screen, followed by the provided instructions and payment procedure.

  • Will I receive any confirmation once I have completed the payment procedure?

    Yes, you will receive a confirmation email once the payment is received and verified.

  • Is there a refund policy if I am unable to attend the internship after registration?

    No refund is possible once the payment is made.

  • What technical prerequisites are necessary for this online internship?

    You can easily access our online internship on mobile or tablet devices. We highly recommend that you use your desktop or laptop and a reliable internet connection for a better view.

  • How will I receive the session joining link?

    Enrolled trainees and interns will receive the session joining link via WhatsApp group.

  • What will be the duration of the session?

    The duration of each lecture will be 2 hours.

  • Will I get the recorded lectures?

    Recorded lectures can be accessed only through the portal using your login details.

  • Will I receive a practical setup physically?

    No, the training institute will not send any practical material physically. In case of any prerequisites provided by the resource person, students will be informed in their WhatsApp group.

  • Will I receive any certificates after completing the online internship program?

    Yes, upon successful completion of the online internship program, you will receive a certificate, which can be a valuable addition to your resume and may enhance your career prospects in the field.

  • Where can I get answers to my queries related to the internship program?

    You can call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us at +91-7303913003. You can also write to us at

Technical Requirements

Device - Phone / Tablet / Laptop with Charger


Headphone with Microphone

Software & Tools 

Basic stationery






A4 Sheet

Additional Requirements 

Any additional requirements for practical work will be informed prior via email. 

Aarav Sharma


This Cyber Forensic internship was a game-changer! The comprehensive modules provided a solid foundation. Kudos! to the instructors for their expertise and timely responses. Highly recommended for anyone seriously wishing to pursue cybersecurity.

Sneha Adhikary


Having some background in IT, I wanted to try something that dives deep into cyber forensics, and I must say I am not disappointed at all. The experience with the speakers was great. 

Astha Priya


I appreciate the emphasis laid down by the faculty on current cyber threats, making it highly relevant in today's tech landscape and making this curriculum more useful.

Shweta Gupta


The instructors were responsive to our queries, and the discussions with fellow learners provided valuable insights. The studies discussed, particularly those related to Indian cyber incidents, made the content relatable. 

Kunal Katyal


A beginner-friendly internship program with real-world applicability. Highly recommended for those who are stepping into the realm of digital forensics.


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