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OI : Forensic Science : Crime Lab to Courtroom Examination

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Internship Duration - 1 Month

09th July to 07th August 2021

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The Forensic Science Internship by SIFS India is a virtual internship opportunity where students get the advantage of studying from the place of their choice and attend online lectures. This strategically crafted program is apt for aspiring forensic experts and those in higher studies who want to gain exposure to real-life case-solving scenarios.

The online lectures cover a few of the following topics: crime scene investigation, death investigation, estimation of skeletal remains, face recognition, cyber awareness and security, forensic medicine and toxicology, fingerprinting techniques, DNA fingerprinting, document and fingerprint examination, digital forensic investigation, etc.

Upon successful completion of this internship program, you will be rewarded with a certificate that will help you showcase your skills to the world with confidence. It will also help you land your dream job easily and put you ahead of your peers with similar qualifications.

Batch was successfully completed with 28 Registered Students

List of Participating Universities

Amity University, Noida

National Forensic Sciences University

  • Internship Outcome


    Speaker Identification

    Crime Scene Investigation

    Forensic Medicine

    Forensic Anthropology

    Face Recognition

    Cyber Security 


    Forensic Medicine & Toxicology and Forensic Biology

    Overview of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology


    Personal Identification

    Overview of Injuries 


    Forensic Biology

    Forensic Serology

    Document & Fingerprint Examination

    Introduction to Handwriting

    Principles of Handwriting Examination

    Factors Effecting Handwriting 

    Class & Individual Characteristics 

    Introduction to Signature

    Identification and Examination of Forgeries 

    Examination of Handwriting & Signature

    Comparison of Handwriting & Signature

    Security Features of Different Types of Document

    Introduction to Fingerprint

    Principles of Fingerprint Identification

    Galton’s & Henry System of Classification

    Ridge Characteristics

    Recording of Fingerprints

    Methods of Fingerprint Development (Conventional Method)

    Development of Fingerprint (Unconventional Method)

    Lifting & Preserving of the Fingerprint 

    Digital Forensic Investigation

    Digital Evidence & Incidence Response

    Audio Analysis

    Video Analysis

    Photo Verification

    Face Recognition

    Report Writing

  • What steps should I follow to enroll for this Online Training Program?

    To enroll, click on the “Register” option available on the right side of the screen, followed by the provided instructions and payment procedure.

  • Will I receive any confirmation once I have completed the payment procedure?

    Yes, you will receive a confirmation email once the payment is received and verified. 

  • What technical prerequisites are necessary for this online training?

    You can easily access our online training on mobile or tablet devices. We highly recommend that you use your desktop or laptop and a reliable internet connection for a better view.

  • How will I receive the session joining link?

    Enrolled trainees / interns will receive the session joining link via WhatsApp group.

  • What will be the duration of the session?

    The duration of each lecture will be 2 Hours.

  • Will I get the recorded lectures?

    No, recorded lectures will be provided through your portal.

  • Will I receive a practical setup physically?

    No, the training institute will not send any practical material setup physically. In case of any prerequisites provided by the resource person, students will be informed on their WhatsApp group.

  • Will I receive any certificates after completing the training program ?

    Yes, upon successful completion of the training program, you will receive a certificate, which can be a valuable addition to your resume and may enhance your career prospects in the field.

  • Where can I get answers to my queries related to the training program?

    You can call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us +91-7303913003. You can also write to us at

All the Learners are requested to get themselves prepare with the basic essentials of the training mentioned below:

Technical Requirements

Device - Phone / Tablet / Laptop with Charger


Headphone with Microphone

Good Internet Connection

Software & Tools 

Zoom App

Basic Stationary






A4 Sheet


Relevant handouts will be shared via email before the schedule date.

Additional Requirements 

Any additional requirement for practical work will be informed prior to the session via email before the schedule date.

Kommu Saiteja


I had excellent experience during this internship program. I got a chance to learn complex concepts from the best minds in the industry and highly recommend aspiring forensic scientists to keep an eye on future internship programs by SIFS.

Mohd. Zafar Shadab


Highly engaging sessions with up-to-date curriculum. The instructors were knowledgeable and taught everything in detail. I am confident that this internship will prove to be a great stepping stone into the world of forensic science for me.

Pooja V Choure


Top-notch training! I gained a lot of valuable insights about different aspects of crime solving and their implementation methods in real-world scenario.

Sonam Mishra


Every minute of this internship was beneficial. There were lots of practical assignments and quizzes that boosted my forensic skills and prepared me to go ahead in this field with enough confidence.

Tanishka Chouhan


A fantastic opportunity to apply theory to practice, a must-do for anyone pursuing forensic science.



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