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OI : Forensic Science : Investigate, Analyze and Reporting

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Internship Duration - 1 Month

01st June to 30th June 2021

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The Forensic Science Internships Program by SIFS India is a unique opportunity for students of all levels to gain real-world exposure and dive deep into the world of forensic science from the comfort of their chosen location. The sessions are thoughtfully designed for individuals aspiring to become forensic experts who are eager to gain valuable insights into real-life case-solving scenarios.

The sessions are delivered by an expert faculty with years of experience handling live cases. You will gain insights about signature and handwriting analysis, fingerprint examination, audio and video analysis, video analysis, face recognition, case-receiving procedures, report writing within a legal framework, etc. During this period, you will be a part of daily activities like quizzes and assignments, equipping you with the skills to deal with real cases.

Upon successful completion of your internship, you will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate that serves as a valuable enhancement to your resume. This certificate not only validates your newly acquired skills but also acts as a passport to a world of exciting opportunities within the field of forensic science.

Batch was successfully completed with 251 Registered Students

List of Participating Countries



List of Participating Universities

Amity University, Dubai

Amity University, Gurugram

Amity University, Noida

Amity University, Uttar Pradesh

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Bangalore University, Bengaluru

Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar

Connectel Security System Pvt Ltd.

DentoUPanishad Dental Clinic and Implant Center

Dept. of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi

Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University, Sagar, (M.P.)

Galgotias University, Greater Noida

Gandhi Faiz-E-Aam College, Shahjahanpur

Garden City University, Bengaluru

GD Goenka University, Gurugram

Government Dental Hospital, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Government Law College, Thrissur

Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore

Govt. Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai

Govt. Institute of Forensic Science, Nagpur.

Govt. Law College, Thrissur

Gujarat University, Gujarat

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai

Jain (Deemed-to-be University), Bengaluru

JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysore

Karnatak University, Dharwad

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Lovely Professional University, Punjab

M.S.S. Law College, Jalna

Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

Medi-Caps University, Madhya Pradesh

National Forensic Science University

National P.G. College, Lucknow

Parul University, Vadodara

Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad

RIMT University, Punjab

S.R.T.C. Badshahi Thaul, Chamba, Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand

SAGE University, Indore

Sardar Patel University of Police Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur

SGT University, Gurugram

Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

SHUATS, Prayagraj

Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Law, Hyderabad

Victor Dantas Law College, Kudal


Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur

  • Internship Outcome

    Handwriting Analysis

    Principles of Handwriting Examination

    Factors Effecting Handwriting

    Class & Individual Characteristics

    Examination and Comparison of Handwriting

    Signature Examination

    Types of Forgery

    Identification and Examination of Forgeries

    Characteristics of Genuine Signatures

    Comparison of Signature

    Fingerprint Examination

    Principles of Fingerprint Identification

    Types of Fingerprint at Crime Scene

    Recording of Fingerprints

    Galton’s Classification

    Ridge Characteristics

    Methods of Fingerprint Development

    Fingerprint Comparison

    Face Recognition

    Overview of Face Recognition

    Feature Extraction

    Applications of Face Recognition

    Limitations of Face Recognition

    Audio-Video Analysis

    Extraction & Handling of Audio-Video Evidence

    Audio-Video Analysis Technique

    Authentication & Interpretation of Audio-Video file

    Case Receiving Procedure

    The Initial Case Assessment

    Evidence Collection and Chain of Custody

    Case Documentation and Recording

    Case Prioritization and Assignment

    Report Writing

    Importance of Accurate and Comprehensive Reports

    Elements of a Forensic Report

    Writing Clear and Objective Findings

    Legal and Ethical Considerations in Reporting


    Preparing for Cross-Examination

    Strategies for Effective Cross-Examination

    Handling Expert Witness Testimony

    Ethical Practices in the Courtroom

  • What steps should I follow to enroll for this Online Training Program?

    To enroll, click on the “Register” option available on the right side of the screen, followed by the provided instructions and payment procedure.

  • Will I receive any confirmation once I have completed the payment procedure?

    Yes, you will receive a confirmation email once the payment is received and verified. 

  • What technical prerequisites are necessary for this online training?

    You can easily access our online training on mobile or tablet devices. We highly recommend that you use your desktop or laptop and a reliable internet connection for a better view.

  • How will I receive the session joining link?

    Enrolled trainees / interns will receive the session joining link via WhatsApp group.

  • What will be the duration of the session?

    The duration of each lecture will be 2 Hours.

  • Will I get the recorded lectures?

    No, recorded lectures will be provided through your portal.

  • Will I receive a practical setup physically?

    No, the training institute will not send any practical material setup physically. In case of any prerequisites provided by the resource person, students will be informed on their WhatsApp group.

  • Will I receive any certificates after completing the training program ?

    Yes, upon successful completion of the training program, you will receive a certificate, which can be a valuable addition to your resume and may enhance your career prospects in the field.

  • Where can I get answers to my queries related to the training program?

    You can call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us +91-7303913003. You can also write to us at

All the Learners are requested to get themselves prepare with the basic essentials of the training mentioned below:

Technical Requirements

Device - Phone / Tablet / Laptop with Charger


Headphone with Microphone

Good Internet Connection

Software & Tools 

Zoom App

Basic Stationary






A4 Sheet


Relevant handouts will be shared via email before the schedule date.

Additional Requirements 

Any additional requirement for practical work will be informed prior to the session via email before the schedule date.

Simran Sharma


I found this internship really helpful and I've got to learn things other than what I was taught and found it really interesting. This internship helped me develop my skills in the fields I have earlier witnessed and also helped me to better analyse and interpret things. It felt as if I am working on real time cases specially the report writing part is something that really caught me and something I have never come across. It was a really good experience and would like to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to working with you in the future as well.

Subham Das


It was very much informative and knowledgeable also we could attend the practical sessions online in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Also, I appreciate the assessments which were given to complete for each of the students so that we could actually understand what is the real duty of any Forensic Scientist.

Tazmeen Ahya


I thoroughly enjoyed my internship this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this will help me a lot in future. SIFS internships is extremely valuable to a student. Thank you to Dr. Ranjeet sir and all the teaching staff for giving us small taste of the real world. It helped reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus, drive and ambition. I enjoyed a lot in completing assignments and giving reports. I would like to end off by saying that it was my best internship experience. 

Trisha Dey


Excellent demonstration!  The mentors were too patient and very frank and helpful. The concept delivery was so good that even a layman could learn forensics.! The activities in between the sessions and the task assigned to us were too interesting. The knowledge is beyond the walls of a college classroom, unlike the college syllabus. Learnt a lot! Great Job!  Ranjeet Sir and his team!  Loads of love to SIFS thank you so much  

Urvashi Badola


"It was a very enlightening experience.

We got to learn so much from the experts and the efforts they put to make us understand and gain practical knowledge was commendable. 

I will definitely join training and internships of sifs again if i get the chance as it is always so worthy.

Ranjeet Sir is such an amazing teacher...His vast knowledge is so insightful, always appreciable. Got to learn a lot from him.

Thank you so much."

Vantepaka Vinay


It was for the second time to study with SIFS, India and it was again the great experience as like the document training. With case studies, audio-video analysis (was completely new for me and quite interesting), and the exercises were fun, challenging and gained much knowledge through the report writings. All the instructors were very helpful and supportive and kept us engaged throughout the lectures and made the lectures interesting to learn about. All the efforts taken by the team are highly appreciable and motivational to us students. Looking forward to work with the team. Thank you. 

Swati Rani


"It was a very informative workshop.  I felt gland that I get a chance to be a part of this apprenticeship program.

This was my first internship and it's increased my trust to take more and more participation in such informative, knowledgeable and wonderful programs.

Thank you SIFS family. Hundreds of times clap for SIFS's respectful team's members. thank-you to convert  this pandemic and boringness (which we all were felt before being a part of this program) into adventure and excitement 

The excitement of doing new assignments, of learning new things, of joining sessions.

Thank you "

Aditya Pawar


During this internship, I was able to learn several fields of forensic science within a month as per what it was promised on poster. And I also got numerous practical exposure. They didn’t let lockdown take over their quality of teaching and still gave us whole practical knowledge online. Teachers were beyond good in their field, medium they chose was both English and Hindi which I really appreciate. It shows that they have an equal concern for each and every interns. Overall, SIFS internship was worth one month and I’m looking forward for more internships as such. 

Ayushi Verma


The internship program was really informative. Each session was organised  in an interesting way, specifically the practical part. Besides being stuck in the lockdown and not being able to perform practical in the labs, SIFS made it easier for us and the practical experience was as good as it would’ve been in the offline sessions. Thank You to the whole team of SIFS who helped us learn about forensic science in such a mesmerising and amazing way! :)

Dr. Naresh N


It was very very knowledgeable and helpful as practical aspects through online training was covered on real cases. Which is one of very difficult task to do as the participants for the internship was large  number but they managed with very ease and solved each and every student queries on time to time basis. This so much can only be done by SIFS.



Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Managing Director

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