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VAC 06 - Certificate Course in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

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The Accredited Certificate Course in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS India) in collaboration with colleges and universities is designed for individuals who want to understand the role of medicine and toxicology in criminal investigations.

This course is perfect for medical professionals looking to specialize in forensic medicine, forensic professionals interested in expanding their expertise, students pursuing degrees in medicine, pathology, or forensic science, or individuals who want to gain insights about medicine and criminal investigations.

In this course, you will learn about the role of forensic medicine and toxicology in legal investigations, its historical evolution, ethical standards, protocols for conducting a medicolegal autopsy, post-mortem changes, DNA profiling, documentation and report writing, common toxins and their effects on the human body, toxicological analysis techniques, analysis of drugs of abuse, examination and documentation of sexual assault cases, and case studies and real-life applications.

Course Benefits:

Expertise in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: You will acquire knowledge and skills to apply medical principles to legal investigations, identify and analyze toxins, drugs, and poisons, and contribute to the resolution of criminal cases.

Diverse Career Opportunities: This course opens doors to a range of career opportunities in forensic medicine, and you can work as a forensic pathologist, medicolegal consultant, or expert witness in legal proceedings.

Industry-recognized Certification: Upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certification from SIFS India and the university as a validation badge of your expertise in forensic medicine and toxicology, thereby enhancing your professional credibility.

Practical Hands-On Experience: You will have access to practical sessions, including simulated autopsies, toxicological analysis, and real-world case studies, providing valuable hands-on experience in forensic medicine.

Networking Opportunities: You get an opportunity to connect with professionals and experts in the field, which is helpful in expanding your network and staying updated on the latest advancements in forensic medicine and toxicology.

Enroll now to gain expertise to apply principles of medicine and toxicology to assist law enforcement bodies in criminal investigations and contribute to the advancement of justice in the field of forensic science.

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  • Curriculum


    This module provides insights about applying medical techniques within legal contexts, the importance of medical certification, the preparation of medical reports, the significance of medical reports as evidence in legal cases, and the significance of dying declarations in legal proceedings.

    This module equips you with knowledge about the intersection of medical practices with a legal framework, helping you effectively use medical techniques in criminal investigations.


    This module introduces you to thanatology, where you explore the meaning and various modes of death, the significance and moments surrounding death, and your understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects of the dying process.

    You will also learn about the immediate, early, and late changes that occur after an individual's demise, gaining insights into the post-mortem processes and techniques to accurately calculate the time since death and their application in forensic contexts.


    This module highlights the significance of personal identification in forensic contexts, including minute details such as scars, moles, and tattoos, which play a crucial role in establishing the identity of unclaimed or unknown bodies.

    The module further explores the process of identifying individuals through personal items like rosary beads, sacred threads, and mangalsutras. This module will make you proficient in identifying individuals using diverse methods for forensic examinations involving unknown or unclaimed bodies.


    In this module, you will learn about different types of injuries and their classification, injuries caused by various forms of radiation, injuries resulting from firearms and explosions, the distinctive characteristics and forensic implications of injuries caused by different mechanisms, fabricated and non-fabricated injuries, and the complexities involved in injury classification.


    This module explores the role of toxicology in forensic investigations, the general aspects of poisoning, diverse types of toxins and their effects on the human body, the clinical features associated with poisoning, autopsy appearances resulting from exposure to various poisons, procedures for the dispatch and preservation of viscera, and medico-legal significance in toxicological analysis.


    In this module, you will gain an understanding of the significance and distinctions between various legal documents, including medical certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, and dying declarations.

    The module lays emphasis on the specific purpose and legal implications of each document, such as how medical certificates serve as official records of an individual's health status, birth certificates as legal records of birth events, and death certificates as vital documents detailing the cause and circumstances of death.


    This module will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to serve as an expert witness during legal proceedings. You will learn about the examination procedure of victims, accused, and injured patients in sexual offence cases, the challenges involved in dealing with people of sexual assault within medical and legal contexts, and the ethical and medico-legal challenges that toxicologists may encounter in their practices.

  • What is the procedure to enroll in this course?
    Select the "Register for Course" option from the menu on the right to begin the enrollment process. Then, follow the steps and make the payment as directed.
  • What is the eligible criteria to get enrolled in such a course?

    You must be an MBBS graduate to join the certificate course. 

  • How do I login to the portal for my certificate course?

    To login, visit the portal at the given link: and enter your login credentials, i.e., your username and password shared via email.

  • What are the benefits gained by enrolling in this course?

    The course is beneficial for all its learners as it allows possibilities for enhancement in career, adding skill in resume and opportunity for networking in the field. 

  • Do I get notification before the session starts?

    Yes, the technical team will send an email to your registered email address prior to the commencement of the session.

  • How long does a single session last?

    Each lecture will last for one hour and thirty minutes. 

  • Forensic medicine, court procedure and forensic toxicology are different courses or the same course?

    All these topics are covered under one course of “Forensic medicine & Toxicology”. These are not separate courses. 

  • Is there a deadline for the certificate's validity?

    No, the document will be valid for the rest of your life.

  • Would there be an exam after completion of the course?

    Yes, students must undergo an exam at the end of the course. They will be given mock exams in the form of assignments, practice tests. It  will be accessible through your designated course portal.

  • Where will I get my certificate once my course is over?

    You will obtain your certificate within a week after successful completion of the course through the official portal. To receive a hard copy of the certificate, you need to pay a courier charge. 

  • Is payment made at the beginning of the course, at the end, or in installation?

    Payment must always be made prior. 

  • Do I get any receipt after the completion of payment?

    Yes, the technical team will send a payment confirmation to your registered email ID post successful payment. 

  • To whom should I reach out regarding an issue?

    If you have any questions or need technical support, you can contact us at +91-730391300 between 10 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Need for Toxicological Analysis

A naked dead man was found in his locked trailor, and there were no signs of drug consumption at the scene.

A local coroner evaluated the deceased's medical history along with an untreated dental abscess and signed his death certificate. He did not even perform an autopsy before signing the certificate.

After this, the dentist was sued, and a forensic investigation was performed.

The forensic investigator needed blood to carry out the toxicological analysis. The analysis of the blood of the deceased showed high levels of methamphetamine.

This finding helped the dentist's lawyer defend him during court proceedings.

So, even if no drugs are found at the death or crime scene, it is mandatory to perform an autopsy to collect samples for toxicological analysis, especially when the deceased has a history of long-term abuse or illness.

Jayant Gupta


This certificate course has broadened my horizons, especially in Forensic Medicine and Court Procedure. The detailed insights into Thanatology have been eye-opening, providing a unique perspective. The course equips me not only with technical skills but also with the knowledge of Personal Identification, making it a well-rounded experience.

Rohan Tiwari


Studying Digital Forensics has been a revelation in medical practices. The module on Injuries was particularly intriguing, offering a deep dive into forensic pathology. The comprehensive coverage of Forensic Toxicology added a layer of complexity, making this course an excellent blend of technology and medical science.

Vishal Verma


A great learning experience!! The course covers Examination in Medico-Legal Practice thoroughly, making it an invaluable resource in forensic science learning. 

Varun Joshi


This course goes beyond bookish learning. For me, the study of injuries has added a fascinating layer to my understanding which was not taught to us in books.

Neha Kapoor


Loved the part that sheds some light upon the ethical part of medico-legal understanding, as this aspect is very important to be known but gets neglected by other educators.



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