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VAC 02 - Certificate Course Forensic Psychology

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The Accredited Certificate Course in Forensic Psychology by Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS India) is a comprehensive and interactive program crafted specifically for college students in collaboration with colleges and universities.

It offers deep insights about the role psychology plays within a legal framework, the multifaceted nature of the field, and the career opportunities students can look for in this field.

Forensic psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that implements psychological principles and practices to assist the legal and criminal justice systems.

This course covers a wide array of topics like forensic psychology overview, historical development, role of psychologists in the legal system, investigation techniques, ethical considerations, types of psychology, limitations, interviewing and interrogation techniques, expert testimony, psychological assessment and risk evaluation, and understanding victim psychology, among several others.

Course Benefits:

Successfully completing this accredited course will offer several advantages, like:

In-Depth Knowledge: You will gain an in-depth understanding of forensic psychology and its various aspects.

Career Opportunities: You can look forward to starting a career with law enforcement agencies, legal consulting firms, victim support providers, and more.

Critical Skills: This course will help you develop essential assessment, evaluation, and psychological profiling skills.

Ethical Awareness: You will become proficient in ethical considerations and legal guidelines to follow while practicing as a forensic psychologist.

Real-World Applications: You will learn methodologies to apply psychological principles to real-world legal and criminal justice scenarios.

Accreditation: Upon course completion, you will receive accreditation, boosting your expertise and credibility in forensic psychology.

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  • Curriculum


    The module begins with an overview of forensic psychology, its historical evolution, and the diverse career opportunities this field offers.

    You will know about major laws that govern this field, like criminal law, civil law, and negligence, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of this field.

    The module also covers the significant use of psychology in forensic science, its role during legal investigations, and the multifaceted role of forensic psychologists (actuarial, advisory, clinical/assessment, and experimental).

    The module concludes with limitations and ethics to be aware of while practicing as a forensic psychologist.


    In this module, you will be acquainted with research in social psychology, cognitive psychology, and clinical psychology and its role in legal procedures to examine evidence law like eyewitness proof, the use of polygraph tests, and other relevant matters within Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Family Law, and Tort Law.

    The module also addresses responsibility, retribution, deterrence, racial bias, and procedural justice, highlighting how psychological research contributes to your understanding of these concepts within legal contexts. You will learn how to critically evaluate and apply psychological principles and research to enhance the effectiveness of legal practices and procedures.


    In this module, you will learn about various theories of cognition, including psychodynamic (delve into unconscious processes), biological/genetic (examine genetic and neurological influences), behavioral (focus on observable actions), and social (consider environmental and societal factors) theories.

    The module also covers the study of criminal behavior, specifically addressing sex offences, violence, aggression, and the role of constituent exploitation in shaping criminal behavior. By the end of this module, you will be able to analyze and interpret criminal behavior in forensic contexts.


    In this module, you will gain insights into various types of personality disorders and how they are grouped to define the personalities of offenders, suspects, or victims. You will explore behavioral, emotional, and cognitive patterns associated with each disorder and what influence these disorders can have on a person’s actions within a forensic context.

    By the end of this module, you will have a clear understanding of how to assess and interpret the personality traits of individuals and carry out a detailed analysis of the psychological factors influencing behavior within the criminal justice system.


    This module focuses on various scientific techniques employed in forensic psychology, including Polygraph (lie detectors), Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature, Layered Voice Analysis, and Narco Analysis, and how these are applied within the field of forensic psychology to assess and understand human behavior.

    You will also learn about various studies highlighting the significance and limitations of these scientific techniques in forensic investigations. You will gain an understanding of the legal and ethical challenges associated with the use of these techniques and their application within the criminal justice system.


    In this module, you will learn about various national and international principles and standards laid down to govern the practice of forensic psychology and the need to maintain professionalism in the work of forensic psychologists.

    Additionally, the module addresses the ethical challenges and limitations, like confidentiality issues and considerations related to forensic assessments and interventions, that forensic psychologists may encounter while working in various domains of forensics.

  • What steps should I follow to enroll for this certificate course?

    To enroll, click on the “Register for Course” option available on the right side of the screen, followed by the provided instructions and payment procedure.

  • Who is eligible to enroll in the certificate course?

    12th (of any stream) pass or any graduate student can enroll in the certificate course.

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    Admission Confirmation email will be sent with your portal credentials to your registered email ID once the payment is verified.

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    To login, visit the portal at the given link: and enter your login credentials, i.e., your username and password shared via email.

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    After logging into the portal, you will have access to reading material, reference eBooks, and e-research papers. 

  • Will I receive any mock tests during my course duration?

    Yes, all your practice tests will be assigned to you through your portal. 

  • What technical prerequisites are necessary for a certificate course?

    You can easily access our online course on mobile or tablet devices. We highly recommend that you use your desktop or laptop and a reliable internet connection for a better view.

  • Are there any prerequisites for this certificate course?

    In case of any prerequisites provided by the resource person, we will provide the students with prior information on their WhatAapp group.

  • Are there any live lectures provided in this certificate course?

    Yes, live lectures will be conducted through Zoom.

  • How will I receive the session joining link?

    Enrolled students will receive the session joining link via WhatsApp group.

  • What will be the duration of the lecture?

    The duration of each lecture will be 1 Hour.

  • Will I get the recorded lectures?

    Yes, recorded lectures will be provided through your portal.

  • Will there be any exams after completing this certificate course?

    Yes, there will be an online exam after completing the certificate course.

  • Will I receive any certificates after completing the certificate course?

    Yes, upon successful completion of the certificate course, you will receive a certificate, which can be a valuable addition to your resume and may enhance your career prospects in the field.

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    Write to us at, call: +91-1147074263, or WhatsApp: +91-7303913002.

Nithari Hatyakand Case Study

Nithari Hatyakand, or Noida Serial Murder Case 2006, was a case involving a murder series that took place in Nithari Village, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The incidents took place near the residence of accused Moninder Singh Pandher, a businessman, and another primary accused, Surinder Koli, his house servant.

The accused, Koli, was labeled a criminal psychopath due to his acts that aligned with the psychopathy theory. For 2 years, Koli indulged in purposefully making more than 16 people his victims. These two facts—firstly, the nature of crime and its continuous occurrence—were enough to place him in a psychopath’s category.

In a forensic context, psychopathy can be defined as a mental (antisocial) disorder. An individual suffering from this disorder exhibits antisocial and amoral behavior, low frustration tolerance, and is not able to live a normal life or maintain personal relationships. Such people show high levels of self-interest and egoism and fail to learn from their experience.

It was a strange case. No one ever imagined that such a heinous crime was performed by the owner’s servant in his house. It all started in 2003, when a relatively high number of children went missing from Nithari village in Noida district. These cases of missing children started with the arrival of Surender Koli at Moninder Pandher's home. Though parents who lost their children reported their doubts to the police, the local police did not notice it.

In 2005, some boys playing cricket called the police after they found a hand in a plastic bag. However, no action was taken. In the coming year, a 20-year-old girl went missing on May 7. It led to increased doubt about whether Koli has any connection with these cases or not.

Finally, the case of missing children was reported to the high court. Moninder Pandher's home underwent investigations on complaints of local residents who found something unusual about Koli’s presence. The police discovered several skulls and bones in the open space at the back of the house and also in the drain running on the main road in front of the bungalows. Finally, Koli got arrested on December 29, 2006.

In January 2007, the case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as local police failed in their efforts to respond to the complaints of the residents. When the initial CBI team visited Nithari, they found 30 more bones, and it took the court three years to announce the death sentence to Koli, and the case was classified as 'rarest of rare'.

Koli made 16 people his victims (9 female children, 2 male children, and 5 adult women). He used to lure them into the house, kill them, attempt to have sex with the dead bodies, chop and eat their body parts, and after that throw the remains in the backyard or in the drain flowing on the main road.

Shareefah Parks


I am very glad to be a part of SIFS India.  It was good experience and learnt many things. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

John Pancham


My experience with the SIFS was very informative and I have gained valued knowledge which will help me in my Future. I will like to take the opportunity to thank all the knowledgeable  and patient lecturers.

Eric Domingo


It has been an amazing and knowledgeable journey with SIFS, it was overall a good experience and I'm thankful that i was able to complete the course and participate in the classes. I gained knowledge in an area that had always enticed me.

Shenese Bobb


This was a great experience for me, I learnt a lot. Grateful to every one of you for helping me succeed at this course! Maybe in the future I hope to do more courses with this institution.

Sarojni Lalbachan


It was a wonderful time well spent doing this course...I wish I can do more courses with you guys. truly amazing and very appreciative of being a part of such and having the opportunity to share with others. Especially to my teacher for my class she's amazing. Well done on all the efforts she put into the lectures. Thank You SIFS India.  



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Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Managing Director

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