Automated Forensic Examination: Issues and Challenges

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There are numerous advancements in technology in each sector today. And forensics, too, cannot remain untouched by it. The automated crime scene investigation process is not new. Several researchers have been working on this concept since the mid-1980s. However, Daubert’s motion forced forensic practitioners to consider the concept of implementing automated forensic examination seriously.  It is evident that no technology can replace an expert. The automated evidence processing techniques can only help experts to speed up the investigation process. This webinar on "Automated Forensic Examination: Issues and Challenges" highlights forensic analysis innovations, forensic technology challenges, forensic science tech trends, and how technology will transform the way forensic experts work in the future.

  • Event Details

    Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Kumar

    The speaker will highlight the significance of automating certain tasks during the investigation process. You will gain insights about innovations in forensic technology, the challenges involved, and their impact on forensics. You will get the answer to the most burning question: 'Can the use of automation during forensic investigation eliminate the need for manual examination?’ Join to get a glimpse of the transformative trends shaping the future of forensic work.

    Date: 02 October 2021

    Platform: Online via Zoom


    eCertificate will be provided to all participants

  • How do I register for the event?

    To register, click on the registration link and follow the instructions by filling in the mentioned details.

  • Are there any prerequisites for this webinar?

    There are no prerequisites to enrolling in this webinar. Anyone who wants to update their existing forensic knowledge and learn about the current developments can attend.

  • From where can I get the webinar-related details?

    All the webinar-related details will be updated on our website and social media channels.

  • Do I need to pay a registration fee to attend the webinar?

    No, this webinar is completely free of charge.

  • Is it an interactive session, and will we get time to clarify our doubts?

    Yes, the event will include a Q&A session at the end.

We invite you to join our insightful webinar, "Automated Forensic Examination: Issues and Challenges," to explore the advancements in the world of forensic science and technology. You will learn about forensic analysis innovations, the challenges posed by automated forensic technology, emerging trends, and the transformative impact technology will have on the future of forensic work. Don't miss this enlightening session!

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Arti Varshney

Afreen Tarannum

K Pradeep Kumar


I am from CBI. It was a nice session. The session was very well organized and a great experience.

Danica Pauline Dimaano


I am from Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas. This session was a veritable fountain of knowledge. Hoping for more webinars like this one.

Dr. Navneet Chaudhary


I belong to the Uttar Pradesh Health Department. Innovative and knowledgeable session. Worth attending.



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