30Oct, 2020


Perceive Death Odonto-logically
29Oct, 2020

Penning Down Yourself

Decoding Doodles & Stress Management for Entrepreneurs
05Sep, 2020

Impact of Abuse on Mental Health & Child Development

Impact of abuse can be long lasting for children's and affect the development of a child.
30Aug, 2020

Standards for Epiphyseal Union in South African Children

Epiphyseal Union Radiographs
18Jun, 2020

Cyber Security Threats in Present Scenario

Aims to create the awareness about the security threats in present scenario.
25Apr, 2020

Lecture series on Forensic Odontology

Application of dental science in investigation for the purpose of court of law .
23Nov, 2019

Forensic Photo Facial Analysis

National Workshop on Forensic Photo Facial Analysis
07Sep, 2019


National Workshop on Graphology

Comprehend Forensic Innovatively

Events ardently scrutinized by professionals to share knowledge and expand individuals’ ambit.