Autopsy on Unclaimed Bodies - Practical Issues

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An autopsy is a surgical process involving the dissection of a corpse for the identification of the cause, mode, and method of death. Sometimes it is also done for research and educational purposes. There are several instances when you have unclaimed bodies. And this creates a problem for the police force during the investigation to identify them due to the non-availability of any information. Police then look for alternate marks on the body like tattoos, religious symbols, spouse names, or birthmarks and try to match them from a list of missing persons’ databases. If nothing is found, they also release advertisements both offline and online in the hope that someone identifies them. Also an autopsy for any purpose cannot be performed without authorization. In this expert talk on "Autopsy on Unclaimed Bodies: Practical Issues", our expert will highlight unclaimed body autopsy challenges, unclaimed body examination, autopsy techniques, and forensic autopsy solutions.

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    Speaker: Prof. (Dr.) Prateek Rastogi

    In this webinar titled "Autopsy on Unclaimed Bodies: Practical Issues", our speaker will focus on the challenges law enforcement professionals have to face while conducting autopsies on unclaimed bodies, examination techniques, and forensic solutions. Discover the vital role autopsies play in the identification of individuals and their usage for research and education purposes.

    Date: 03 October 2021

    Platform: Online via Zoom


    eCertificate will be provided to all participants

  • How do I register for the event?

    To register, click on the registration link and follow the instructions by filling in the mentioned details.

  • Are there any prerequisites for this webinar?

    There are no prerequisites to enrolling in this webinar. Anyone who wants to update their existing forensic knowledge and learn about the current developments can attend.

  • From where can I get the webinar-related details?

    All the webinar-related details will be updated on our website and social media channels.

  • Do I need to pay a registration fee to attend the webinar?

    No, this webinar is completely free of charge.

  • Is it an interactive session, and will we get time to clarify our doubts?

    Yes, the event will include a Q&A session at the end.

Join our webinar and gain an in-depth understanding of practical issues relating to autopsies of unclaimed bodies. Our expert speaker will unravel the intricacies associated with unclaimed body autopsies, examination challenges, autopsy techniques, and forensic solutions. Discover how this vital process aids in identification and also in research and investigative purposes.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Arti Varshney

Afreen Tarannum

Dr. Karen Prajwal Castelino


I am a Father Muller Medical College. It was a very good presentation and interesting topic by Dr. Rastogi. You were amazing Sir.

Dr. Risha Jasmine Nathan


I am from Galgotias University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The session was truly informative. More such talks must be organized. Thanks to the organizers and specifically Dr. Rastogi sir for this insightful talk.

Kpodo Emmanuel Kwadzo


Very useful lecture. Can you please give us a recording of this lecture, please? This session has to be watched again to soak all the information, and I really want to have all of it. Thank you on behalf of Ghana Police Service.



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