Crime Scene Investigation & New Technologies

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The crime scene investigation process remains the same, but with time, the way the investigation is carried out has changed a lot. New technological advancements in forensics help experts solve crimes more efficiently and quickly. Hence, incorporating new investigation techniques is a must to ease the tasks and get accurate outcomes.

In this webinar on “Crime Scene Investigation & New Technologies”, the speaker will focus on crime scene processing basics and steps involved, mandatory CSI rules to be followed, types of evidence, interpretative value of the evidence, and introduction to new technologies that are revolutionizing the investigation process.

  • How can I register for the webinar?

    To register, click on the webinar registration details available on our website,, followed by the provided instructions.

  • What is the fee for the webinar registration?

    There is no registration fee for attending the webinar.

  • Is the Webinar conducted in an online or physical mode?

    The Webinar will be conducted in an online mode through zoom platform, making it accessible to a global audience. 

  • Are there any prerequisites that need to be arranged beforehand for this webinar?

    There are no specific prerequisites for this event. 

  • Where can the webinar-related details be found?

    All the webinar-related details will be updated on the website and our social media platforms.

  • When and how will I receive the login details for the webinar?

    All the relevant information regarding the login details will be shared via email with the registered attendees a week before the event.

  • Will there be a Q&A session with the speakers during the webinar?

    Yes, the event will include a Q&A session to engage with the speaker at the end of the webinar.

  • Will I receive the certificate of participation for attending the webinar?

    Yes, the registered participant will get a participation certificate for the webinar. All registered participants can directly download their certificate from the given link,, using their registered email ID.

  • Where should I reach out in case of any queries?

    Write to us at, call: +91-1147074263, or WhatsApp: +91-9818877002.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Prerna Patel


Amazing lecture on Crime Scene Investigation. Never knew that this topic could be so interesting. Thanks to esteemed speaker for sharing his knowledge and to SIFS team for conducting this session.

Sneha K.


It was an informative session taken by renowned speaker who talked about new technologies which could help accomplish an investigation in more efficient manner. I feel delighted to be a part of this lecture. Kudos to the team SIFS.

Shaikh Nazrul


I appreciate SIFS INDIA for organizing such informative and insightful presentation. It was full of knowledge and facts and I really enjoyed it a lot.

Asp Isah Samuel


Thank you SIFS team for providing such informative lecture on Crime Scene Investigation. The speaker put across interesting facts and made the session exciting. Had a great time.

Dr. Nabeel G. Hashim


Very nice interesting topic. The speaker was so knowledgeable and shared his views enthusiastically. He made us aware about all the challenges encountered during the time of investigation and what are the new technologies which needs to be incorporated to make investigation more effective.

Kartikey Mishra


Crime Scene Investigation is my all time favorite topic related to forensic field and I had a great time in watching this knowledgeable lecture by such esteemed speaker. He expressed his knowledge in a very well organized manner and enlightened us.

Prof. Tapas Kumar Bose


I couldn't take my eyes and ears off from this lecture. From presentation to expression of knowledge, the speaker made the session extremely interesting. Learned a lot from this lecture.



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