Cyber Security Threats in Present Scenario

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In today's fast-paced digital world, the concern for cyber security risks is growing continuously. Experts globally are deeply concerned about the internet safety of everyone, be it students, working professionals, solopreneurs, organizations, or non-working individuals. The reason is that every activity you do nowadays is internet-based. You cannot survive without it. However, it has also given rise to numerous online threats. With the rapid advancement of technology, the cyber landscape has become a breeding ground for cybercrime. SIFS India has taken a step to educate people about digital vulnerabilities and hence is organizing an awareness program on ‘Cyber Security Threats in the Present Scenario’.

SIFS India is committed to spreading cyber security awareness and has become an inspiration of hope and knowledge for individuals and businesses alike. They are on a mission to educate people about cyber threats in the digital realm and empower them with the knowledge required to protect themselves from these threats effectively. Not only do they make you aware of the digital challenges, but they also equip you with knowledge about the tools and strategies needed to safeguard your digital possessions.

In today's interconnected world, the significance of these initiatives cannot be overlooked. The online security of our personal and professional assets depends on our collective awareness and preparedness. By advocating these efforts at the ground level, SIFS India is contributing to a more secure and resilient digital future for individuals and organizations worldwide. As technology continues to advance, their work remains vital in the ongoing battle against cybercriminals.

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    Speaker: Dr. Ranjeet Singh

    The speaker will discuss the growing need to spread cyber security awareness. You will learn why remaining ignorant of basic security measures can ruin your online presence. And also what preventive measures you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim to such online threats.

    Date: 18 June 2020

    Timings: 05:00 PM IST

    Platform: Online via Zoom


  • How can I register for the event?

    To register, click on the event registration details available on our website,, followed by the provided instructions.

  • What is the fee for the event registration?

    There is no registration fee for the event.

  • Will the event be conducted in an online or physical mode?

    The event will be conducted in an online mode through the Zoom platform, making it accessible to a global audience.

  • When and how will I receive the login details for the event?

    All the relevant information regarding the login details will be shared via email with the registered participants a week before the event.

  • Are there any prerequisites that need to be arranged prehand for this event?

    There are no specific prerequisites for this event. 

  • Will there be any opportunity to ask questions during the live event?

    Yes, we believe in active participation! The event will include a Q&A session to engage with the speaker at the end of the event.

  • Will I receive the certificate of participation for attending the event?

    Yes, the registered participant will receive a participation certificate for attending the event.

  • How do I download the certificate?

    All registered participants can directly download their certificate from the given link,, using their registered email ID after the event.

  • Where should I reach out in case of any queries?

    Write to us at, call: +91-1147074263, or WhatsApp: +91-9818877002.

We would like you to join us on a mission to spread awareness about the importance of cyber security. You will understand why it is super important to spread the word about cyber security and why ignoring the basics of online safety can really mess up your internet life. Also, we will give you a list of easy-to-follow steps to keep yourself safe from online cybercriminals.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Ruchika Dwivedi

Prasanta Kumar Parichha


Amazing and informative session. I would like to congratulate the entire team for putting their efforts in organizing this virtual meet and creating awareness about Cyber Security Threats. 

Bhanu Sharma


I just want to express my gratefulness for your invaluable guidance, encouragement, and most especially for devoting a substantial time for everyone during the lecture. Thank you.

Sangram Sandhu


I was always keen to learn about cyber security threats. I found the session very informative and learned a lot. Thank you to Ranjeet sir for enriching our knowledge!

Hizana Farhath


I personally would like to recommend my friends and colleague to join such a session delivered by Ranjeet sir, as it was full of knowledge with interactive activities. 

Lakhan Rana


I really appreciate the effort for this encouraging business meet. The knowledge I gain from the session is surely gonna help me in my future endeavors. 



Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Managing Director

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