Dental Age Estimation in Children and Juveniles

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The International Association of Scientists and Researchers (IASR) and the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS) India have collaborated to organize a pre-conference workshop to promote awareness and knowledge of Dental Age Estimation in Children and Juveniles. Forensic odontology helps identify the dead, whether they are newborns, adults, or adolescents. The speaker will describe how various dental analysis methods have made it easier to estimate age in a short period of time. This workshop will primarily focus on dental age assessment and the differing degrees of confusion and precision of various approaches in children. Various methods of age estimation, such as morphological, biochemical, and radiographical, will also be discussed, along with their scope and limitations.

  • Workshop IV

    The speaker will discuss how various dental analysis techniques have made it simpler to determine age quickly. The primary focus will be about dental age assessment and the varying degrees of accuracy and confusion of various approaches in age assessment.  You will also gain insights about various age estimation techniques, like morphological, biochemical, and radiographic.


    Dr. Deepak V

    Forensic Odontologist

  • How can I register for the workshop?

    To register, click on the workshop registration details available on our website,, followed by the provided instructions and payment procedure.

  • Is there a registration fee to attend the workshop?

    Yes, there is a registration fee for this workshop.

  • How will I receive confirmation of my registration?

    Confirmation of your registration will be sent to your registered email ID.

  • Is the workshop conducted in an online or physical mode?

    The workshop will be conducted in an online mode through the Zoom platform, making it accessible to a global audience. 

  • Are there any prerequisites that need to be arranged beforehand for this workshop?

    In case of any prerequisites by the resource person, we will provide the attendees with prior information on their registered email ID.

  • Will there be any opportunity for clearing doubts and asking questions during the workshop?

    YES. A discussion will follow the resource person session, and anyone can freely ask regarding the topic discussed with the eminent resource person.

  • When and how do I get the login details for the workshop?

    All the relevant information regarding the event will be shared via email with the registered attendees a week before the workshop. The login details will be shared prior to your registered email (stay updated with the same) and should remain confidential.

  • Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the workshop after registering?

    No refund is possible once the payment is made.

  • How will I receive my certificate for participating in the workshop?

    All registered participants can directly download their certificate from the given link,, using their registered email ID after the event.

  • Where to reach out in case of any queries?

    Write to us at, call: +91-1147074263, or WhatsApp: +91-9818877002.

Organising Committee

Convenor in Chief
Dr. Ranjeet Singh
Phaneendar B. N

Mahesh Sharma
Afreen Tarannum
Arti Varshney
Ashi Yadav

Venue: Online Platform

To attend eConference on Forensic Sciences
Online: Zoom

Alina Nihal


The session was truly effective and informative. I understand how dental factors are taken into account in the grounds of investigation. I inspire the organizing team to carry out this important yet interesting topic.

Francesca Zangari


Very excellent session regarding dental age estimation for various age groups. The presentation was clear and detailed. The resources for the presentation were appropriate.

S. Arunika


It was a wonderful session, and I got a chance to learn how dental age detection plays a role in detecting juvenile crimes and its functions in forensic practice. The speakers are highly knowledgeable.

Dr. Bhavani. Baddi


It was a well-organized, effective, and informative session. I got to learn new concepts and strengthen my knowledge on few topics.  Hoping to attend many interactive sessions.

Praveen Sreedharan


It was really great to attend the session. I gained a lot of information that I would use in real-time situations. Thank you very much to the organizing committee for the wonderful session.



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