Psychological Implications of Social Media

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Human beings are social animals and cannot thrive in isolation. We need to build valuable connections to live a fruitful life, which is directly related to our mental health. When surrounded by the right people, the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression get reduced, and you understand your self-worth in a much better way. Whereas a lack of offline interactions results in loneliness, severely affecting your mental and emotional well-being. However, nowadays, the scene is different.

Physical interactions have decreased a lot. Social media influence has increased to a great extent, and everyone relies on social media to interact with near and dear ones, almost eliminating the need for in-person contact. There is no harm in using technology. However, becoming a slave to it can isolate you from the outer world, leading to several physical and mental issues.

In our cyber awareness talk on "Psychological Implications of Social Media," the speaker will highlight major and lesser-known implications of social media on your psychological behavior and all-around well-being. So connect with us for an internet addiction study, to understand social media psychology, and to learn about the negative impact of excessive usage of online social interactions. Learn how to maintain your digital well-being and how to overcome this life-threatening habit.

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    Speaker: Nirali Bhatia

    The speaker will explore the lesser-known effects of social media on your mental health and overall wellness. You will gain insights about social media psychology, the adverse effects of internet addiction, and strategies to protect your digital well-being and break free from this harmful habit.

    Date: 19 September 2021

    Timings: 12:00 PM IST

    Platform: Online via Zoom


  • How can I register for the event?

    To register, click on the event registration details available on our website,, followed by the provided instructions.

  • What is the fee for the event registration?

    There is no registration fee for the event.

  • Will the event be conducted in an online or physical mode?

    The event will be conducted in an online mode through the Zoom platform, making it accessible to a global audience.

  • When and how will I receive the login details for the event?

    All the relevant information regarding the login details will be shared via email with the registered participants a week before the event.

  • Are there any prerequisites that need to be arranged prehand for this event?

    There are no specific prerequisites for this event. 

  • Will there be any opportunity to ask questions during the live event?

    Yes, we believe in active participation! The event will include a Q&A session to engage with the speaker at the end of the event.

  • Will I receive the certificate of participation for attending the event?

    Yes, the registered participant will receive a participation certificate for attending the event.

  • How do I download the certificate?

    All registered participants can directly download their certificate from the given link,, using their registered email ID after the event.

  • Where should I reach out in case of any queries?

    Write to us at, call: +91-1147074263, or WhatsApp: +91-9818877002.

We invite you to join us to learn how social media influences your psychological well-being. Discover its overlooked aspects, gain a deeper understanding of internet addiction, and learn how excessive online social engagement is secretly killing you. Learn the measures you can follow to maintain your digital wellness.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Ruchika Dwivedi

Prasanta Kumar Parichha


Very informative session and this session have made my Sunday a worth spending day. Thank you SIFS on behalf of Odisha Police.

Dr. Chaitanya Mittal


I am from AIIMS Jodhpur. Extremely interesting session. I have learned a lot of things in this session from Nirali Ma'am about how to use it safely.

Dipika Ashok Jambhulkar


Best event on cyber awareness. This topic is really crucial to understand so that we can improve our behavior on social media and ultimately can save ourselves from being the victim of upcoming threats in this way.

Pavithra M


Hi, I am Pavithra M from RIMS. Very practical and informative session. Kudos to the speaker and organizers.

Sangram Sandhu


I am from King George's Medical University. Nice session and it was really required. Thank you so much to Nirali Ma'am and Dr. Ranjeet Singh sir for organizing such an insightful session.



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