Standards for Epiphyseal Union in South African Children

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The epiphyseal union is considered as the secondary bone ossification in adolescent and known to be the primary means of age estimation of sub adult post-cranial remains. The epiphyseal union is known as the most reliable for various age indicators in determination of skeleton. These are numerous factors which influence the epiphyseal union like puberty as it is associated with the earlier secretion of estrogen and their effects are moreover to increase the maturation of bone, malnutrition as direct association put forward that extremely poor who have less food to eat will be malnourished. The epiphyseal union is described in three stages i.e. Stage 1 Non Fusion, Stage 2 Partial fusion of less than 50% and Stage 3 Greater than 50% fusion. The study used for South African children and the standard set for them. It entirely define on the basis of the forensic application used for it and to implement for the searching of lost children and age estimation which the help of bone.

  • Event Structure

    2:00 PM – Welcome 

    By Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh

    2:10 PM – Introducing the Speaker

    By Priya Singh

    2:15 PM – Standards for Epiphyseal Union in South African Children

    By Dr. Kavita Lakha

    2:50 PM – Discussion

    3:00 PM – Acknowledgment to the Organizing Team

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    This event is useful to embrace your knowledge with new technologies and the concept of anthropology which will help you to know about human development. 

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    The mode of session will be Zoom Platform and if you miss the link for joining the session, you can watch the session live at our YouTube Channel i.e. Forensic365

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    You can download your certificate from a given link using your registered email ID.

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    For the session link, join the Whatsapp Forensic Event group created by SIFS INDIA. If you are not in the WhatsApp group kindly drop a WhatsApp message at +91-7303913002

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    You can write to us at or call us at +91-1147074263 or WhatsApp us +91-7303913002 or +91-7303913003.

Webinar Details:

Date – 30th August 2020

Time – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Duration – 60 Minutes

Platform – Zoom

Lecture Moderator:

Priya Singh

M.Sc. Forensic Science

Department of Forensic Science

SHUATS, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India

Melanie M. Gimeno


Thank you for the discussion, I learn a lot from you. I hope more lesson you share and free webinars. God bless.

Rajiv Trivedi


Amazing and informative session. Thank you for sharing such valuable information and for giving us the opportunity to learn in this pandemic also.  

Raksha Shrivastava


The session was full of informative facts regarding Standards for Epiphyseal Union in South African Children. 

Ravindra Verma


Interesting, interactive, and informative session

Himjyoti Sarma


I think SIFS IDIA did a commendable job by organizing such amazing webinars. Hope to attend many such sessions in the future.



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