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Each minute, the amount of data uploaded to the Internet is astonishing. OSINT is collecting publicly available information for analysis for decision-making and now also by law enforcement agencies to check for cyber security purposes. The data sources can include newspapers, social media posts, court filings, census data, reference materials, books, public surveys, etc. and can also contain sources exclusively available to subscribers, such as paywall content in newspapers or subscription journals. The Pre-Conference Workshop is being jointly organized by the International Association of Scientists and Researchers (IASR) and the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS) India to increase awareness of OSINT and its applications. The speaker will discuss the significance of OSINT in researching a person's information using online accounts, social media, and official online resources. The workshop will also cover the collection and analysis of data from open and publicly available sources in the forensic sector to provide actionable intelligence.

  • Workshop II

    Speaker: Neil Smith

    The speaker will highlight what OSINT means, its significance in general and within a legal framework, and what tools and procedures you can use to gather publicly available information for analysis purposes.

  • How can I register for the workshop?

    To register, click on the workshop registration details available on our website,, followed by the provided instructions and payment procedure.

  • Is there a registration fee to attend the workshop?

    Yes, there is a registration fee for this workshop.

  • How will I receive confirmation of my registration?

    Confirmation of your registration will be sent to your registered email ID.

  • Is the workshop conducted in an online or physical mode?

    The workshop will be conducted in an online mode through the Zoom platform, making it accessible to a global audience. 

  • Are there any prerequisites that need to be arranged beforehand for this workshop?

    In case of any prerequisites by the resource person, we will provide the attendees with prior information on their registered email ID.

  • Will there be any opportunity for clearing doubts and asking questions during the workshop?

    YES. A discussion will follow the resource person session, and anyone can freely ask regarding the topic discussed with the eminent resource person.

  • When and how do I get the login details for the workshop?

    All the relevant information regarding the event will be shared via email with the registered attendees a week before the workshop. The login details will be shared prior to your registered email (stay updated with the same) and should remain confidential.

  • Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the workshop after registering?

    No refund is possible once the payment is made.

  • How will I receive my certificate for participating in the workshop?

    All registered participants can directly download their certificate from the given link,, using their registered email ID after the event.

  • Where to reach out in case of any queries?

    Write to us at, call: +91-1147074263, or WhatsApp: +91-9818877002.

Organising Committee

Convenor in Chief
Dr. Ranjeet Singh
Phaneendar B. N

Mahesh Sharma
Afreen Tarannum
Arti Varshney
Ashi Yadav

Venue: Online Platform

To attend eConference on Forensic Sciences
Online: Zoom

M.S Siva Kumar


It was really a great opportunity to be a part of this session, as it gives us a better understanding of what dental estimation is and how it applies in an investigation. I thank the organization for conducting such an interesting session.

Dr Zeenat Jahan


It was a very informative and inspiring session. I also got the chance to broaden my knowledge on the topic. I would love to participate in the upcoming interactive session. Thanks to the organizing committee.

Sheba John


It was a great privilege for me to attend the session. The conference was very effective and informative. The presenters exhibit great levels of knowledge and skill. Also, I value their good attitudes and openness to conveying ideas.

Mark Egan


The event was very useful and effective. The information I gained from the session would really help me cope with real-life situations. The organization was excellent, thanks to them for conducting the conference.

Tanasha Tekram


It was an amazing experience being a part of the Forensic Science Conference. All the sessions were very informative and well presented by professionals. I would like to extend my gratitude to SIFS for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a knowledgeable venture.



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