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The Professional Diploma in Crime Scene To Court Room by SIFS India is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of crime scene investigation and management.

You will learn the basic principles and practices involved in processing a crime scene, like evidence collection, preservation, analysis, and presentation in court, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. You will become well-versed in the legal framework and learn how to respect the rights of the accused and victims.

Our curriculum extends far beyond theory, engaging you in interactive activities and quizzes covering different facets of crime scene processing. You will gain working knowledge of a vast range of topics, like crime scene investigation principles, types of crime scenes, investigation steps, the role of the first responder and forensic scientist, documentation and presentation in court, types of physical evidence, glass evidence and its classification, soil evidence types and examination, paint evidence analysis, types of toolmark evidence, blood stain pattern analysis, forensic photography overview, and crime scene investigation legal considerations.

Crime scene investigators are the ones who can make or break the case. Hence, the need for skilled labor is on the rise. Upon successful completion of this course, you can work for legal and government agencies, private investigation firms, insurance companies, forensic laboratories, the healthcare industry, educational institutions, and consulting firms.

With this course, you will gain the expertise to work with professionals from various disciplines and decode the mysteries that surround criminal acts effectively. Get ready to become a skilled investigator by learning the intricacies involved, from the initial arrival at the scene to the final presentation of evidence in court.

  • Curriculum


    This module covers an overview of crime scene investigation and its principles, the role of crime scene investigators, types of crime scenes, and equipping investigators with knowledge of how to prepare for different scenarios. You will also learn about the ethical standards and legal framework to consider during a crime scene investigation and the need to adhere to laws and ethical practices throughout the investigative process.


    This module focuses on the roles played by both first responding officers and forensic scientists at a crime scene, the seven crucial steps of effective crime scene investigation and management, crime scene documentation, evidence presentation in court, evidence collection and preservation, the importance of the chain of custody, and the crime scene reconstruction process for an in-depth and legally acceptable investigative process.


    In this module, you will learn about different types of physical evidence found at the crime scene, methods used to search and locate such evidence, the role of photography in documenting findings, detailed procedures to collect and preserve physical evidence, and the most essential concept of maintaining a chain of custody to ensure evidence’s reliability and admissibility during legal proceedings.


    This module covers an overview of glass evidence in forensic investigations, the glass manufacturing process, the classification of glasses, the forensic significance of glass fractures, and the forensic examination techniques used to analyze glass evidence. Glass evidence is crucial during criminal investigations and helps experts determine the origin, type, and potential contribution of glass fragments in various crimes, thereby providing valuable insights into criminal cases.


    This module focuses on the use of soil as evidence in forensic investigations, the formation and different types of soil, the importance of soil evidence, and techniques used for soil sample examination (soil composition and characteristics). You will learn the significance of soil evidence for forensic scientists and how it can provide valuable information about crime scenes, help link potential suspects or objects to specific locations, and contribute to criminal investigations.


    In this module, you will learn about the use of paint evidence in investigations, different types of paint and their chemical compositions, and paint evidence examination techniques (physical and microscopic, chemical, and instrumental analysis methods like elemental analysis). The module also covers how interpreting the characteristics of paint evidence can link objects or individuals to crime scenes, vehicles, or each other and provides crucial insights into criminal investigations.


    This module covers the use of toolmark evidence in investigations and its analysis and interpretation that helps in linking tools or instruments to a crime scene or criminal activity. You will learn about different types of tool marks and how to properly collect and preserve tool mark evidence. Methods to restore erased or obliterated markings, like laser-etched serial numbers and barcodes, will also be discussed.


    This module focuses on analyzing bloodstain patterns, detection and angle of impact of blood spatter, bloodstain pattern classification, the importance of photographing and documenting these patterns, techniques for collecting, packaging, and documenting bloodstain evidence at crime scenes, and event reconstruction by examining bloodstain patterns. You will also learn about the legal and ethical considerations related to bloodstain pattern evidence.

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Murderer Roger Severs Case Study

In mid-November 1993, Derek Severs (68) and his wife Eileen (69) of Hambleton, Leicestershire, disappeared without informing anyone. This created suspicion among their friends and neighbors, who then informed the police.

On November 18, after a week of this incident, police searched the bungalow of the couple.

They found the neat and tidy house was totally messed up, and the carpets from the kitchen and bathroom were removed.

On inquiring their son, Roger, he said his parents are on vacation. However, police could not find any trip-related evidence, and soon their son was arrested for being suspected of his parents' murder.

An in-depth forensic investigation was carried out. Several attempts have been made to tidy up the house.

However, investigators found blood in the bathroom and the garage of the house.

The blood stain pattern analysis pointed towards a brutal attack.

Blood and yellow fiber trails led the officers to the car that was totally messed up with mud, and this arose suspicion.

The mud samples from the vehicle were examined and found to contain constituents like quartz, calcite, and ironstone.

Also, a combination of plant materials was found in the vehicle, and the presence of grass traces like alder, oak, and hawthorn was common in English woodland. 2% of the mud sample consisted of rarely found horse chestnuts.

With this known composition, experts narrowed down the origin of the sample to specific areas.

And when these areas were searched, the officer, Armley Wood, found an area of soil littered with broken branches.

Here, the buried bodies of Derek and Eileen were discovered. They have been ferociously attacked and wrapped in a yellow blanket before being buried.

The soil heap on top of the bodies was analyzed and proved to be from their bungalow’s garden.

Roger, on November 13, returned to his parents' house drunk and demanded money.

He killed his mother when she refused to give him money. When his father returned home, he killed him too.

Roger Severs admitted his crime of killing his parents but blamed his parents for their irresponsible behavior. However, he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Note: This is only a glimpse of one of a few case studies that we might cover. All case studies are subject to change as per current trends and developments, except a few famous ones from the past.

Dimple Jeniffer Basdeo


Thank you to wonderful team at SIFS for allowing me to complete this program with you, it was both a pleasure and an honor to have studied with the best in the educational sector. May you continue the amazing job you guys are doing. 

Naomi Ramoutar


I had a great experience at SIFS India. The lectures covered all of the topics and helped me to understand the content properly. It was an amazing experience and a joyful learning session.

Fizal Harry


I found this course to be very educational and informative. It was a pleasure to be a part of SIFS India. They make learning simple. Lectures were clear and precise. 

Christie James


The lecturer was great at putting over in the information to us, the experience was good. I’m happy I had the opportunity to study with SIFS India.

Nardai Meghoo-Rambajan


The experience was phenomenal. The course was well delivered, lecturers were amazing in getting the information over. Thank you SIFS India.  



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Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Managing Director

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