24Aug, 2023

Forensics to Protect the Vulnerable: An Universal Approach

Learn the role of forensic science in safeguarding vulnerable populations from crimes and ensuring justice prevails.
25Aug, 2022

Lie Detection: SACH A Truth

Explore the intricacies of lie detection, combining psychology, technology, and behavioral analysis to uncover hidden truths.
25Aug, 2022

Open Source Intelligence

Learn to gather valuable publicly available information ethically, verify it, and analyze it for security purposes.
25Aug, 2022

Medical Certificate by Doctor: Legal & Ethical Issues

Learn the legal requirements for medical certification and receive practical guidance from expert practitioners.
25Aug, 2022

Dental Age Estimation in Children and Juveniles

Discover the art and science of determining the age of children and juveniles from dental records.
25Aug, 2022

Acid Attack Survivors: Social Acceptability

Learn about the physical and emotional aftermath of acid attacks and the stigma surrounding survivors.
25Aug, 2022

Silent Witnesses Speak at Crime Scene: Clue from Scene of Crime

Every detail found at the crime scene tells a story. You must follow it wherever it leads you.
30Oct, 2020


Learn how dental science meets investigation to solve crime scene mysteries using dental evidence and uncover the truth.
29Oct, 2020

Penning Down Yourself

Decode the hidden meaning behind doodles and know what they tell you about your mental state.
23Nov, 2019

Forensic Photo Facial Analysis

National Workshop: Understand facial recognition technology, its applications, and its role in criminal investigations.

Comprehend Forensic Innovatively

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