15Aug, 2021

Cyber Crime Awareness and Reporting

Learn to devise measures to protect yourselves from online fraud and create a safer digital environment for all.
24Jul, 2021

IASR 7th International Conference on Forensic Psychology

Join us to connect with experts at the Forensic Psychology eConference and learn about the relationship between human psychology and the criminal justice system.
26Jun, 2021

IASR 6th International Conference on Cyber & Digital Forensics

Join us at the Cyber and Digital Forensics eConference. Engage in impactful discussions, discover groundbreaking research to handle cyber fraud, and network with experts.
13Jun, 2021

Serious Crime Investigation

Explore the world of criminal investigation and discover the intricacies of solving major crimes.
13Jun, 2021

Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Discover the connection between psychology and criminal justice and how to study criminal behavior patterns.
29May, 2021

IASR 5th International Conference on Forensic Odontology

Join the Forensic Odontology eConference and connect with odontologists of global fame. Learn the application of dental science in investigations to assist legal bodies.
24Apr, 2021

IASR 4th International Conference on Fingerprint Analysis

Join the Fingerprint Analysis eConference. Explore innovative research in using fingerprints to reveal identity, for background checks, and for mass disaster identification.
27Mar, 2021

IASR 3rd International Conference on Document Examination

Be a part of the Document Examination eConference. Connect with forensic science visionaries and learn how handwriting and signatures aid in criminal investigation.
27Feb, 2021

IASR 2nd International Conference on DNA Forensics

Explore the world of DNA forensics at the eConference. be a part of expert talks on DNA forensics as a source of criminal identification by law enforcement agencies.
30Jan, 2021

IASR 1st International Conference on Emerging Trends in Forensic Science

Join us at this eConference. Engage in discussions and explore innovative research in this multidisciplinary field.

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