27Apr, 2020

INTERPOL Protocol Guide of DVI: Procedure in Mortuary

Learn about the international standards for disaster victim identification in mortuaries.
26Apr, 2020

Humanitarian Forensic Odontology & IdentifyMe

Discover the role of forensic dental experts in disaster victim identification and how they assist in times of crisis.
25Apr, 2020

Lecture series on Forensic Odontology

Uncover the hidden stories in every smile with our captivating Forensic Odontology Lecture Series.Learn to solve mysteries using dental clues.
23Nov, 2019

Forensic Photo Facial Analysis

National Workshop: Understand facial recognition technology, its applications, and its role in criminal investigations.
07Sep, 2019


National Workshop: Learn to analyze your handwriting traits and have hands-on experience in graphology.

Comprehend Forensic Innovatively

Events ardently scrutinized by professionals to share knowledge and expand individuals’ ambit.