12Jul, 2020

Forensic in the United States: Possible Lessons for India

Gain valuable insights into the lessons learned from forensic science in the United States and their applicability to India.
21Jun, 2020

Why they kill? Deductive Profiling

Decode the human psyche in criminal investigations and gain a deep understanding of behavioral evidence.
18Jun, 2020

Cyber Security Threats in Present Scenario

Ignoring online safety can mess up your internet life. Learn to secure your digital assets for a safer online experience.
14Jun, 2020

Introduction & Development of Forensic Nursing

Explore the evolution and significance of forensic nursing as emerging vital healthcare discipline.
07Jun, 2020

Crime Scene Investigation & New Technologies

Discover the innovative tools and the latest technologies that are revolutionizing forensic analysis.
31May, 2020

Unusual Work Accidents: Forensic Challenges in Evidence Collection

Explore the world of unusual work accidents, workplace mysteries, and the art of forensic evidence collection.
24May, 2020

The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History

Delve into the chilling history of the Ted Bundy murders and the forensic investigations that followed.
17May, 2020

Fingerprint Comparison in the Digital Age

Unlock the evolution of fingerprint comparison using software in the digital age and the challenges faced.
10May, 2020

Forensic Entomology in Medico-legal Investigation

Discover the secrets of insect evidence in solving crimes and role it plays in plays in medico-legal investigations .
03May, 2020

The Role of Police Sketch Artist in Criminal Investigations

Learn about the role of police sketch artists in criminal investigations and the art and science of facial reconstructions.

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