25Aug, 2022

Acid Attack Survivors: Social Acceptability

Learn about the physical and emotional aftermath of acid attacks and the stigma surrounding survivors.
25Aug, 2022

Silent Witnesses Speak at Crime Scene: Clue from Scene of Crime

Every detail found at the crime scene tells a story. You must follow it wherever it leads you.
11Dec, 2021

IASR 12th International Conference on Forensic Physics

Be a part of the Forensic Physics eConference for discussions on the latest trends, research presentations, and networking in the realm of forensic science.
05Dec, 2021

Dental Bioarchaeology

Explore the world of Dental Bioarchaeology and learn how to decipher ancient secrets through dental remains.
27Nov, 2021

IASR 11th International Conference on Cyber Security

Explore the Cyber Security eConference and join experts for discussions, insights, and networking in the field of cybersecurity.
14Nov, 2021

Don't Trust your Eyes, They can Deceive You

Uncover the truth: Do not always believe what you see, but learn to investigate deeply to find the hidden facts.
30Oct, 2021

IASR 10th International Conference on Crime Scene Investigation

Join the Crime Scene Investigation eConference, engage in discussions with experts, and gain insights about the latest developments in the field of forensic science.
25Oct, 2021

Emerging Cyber Threats & Supply Chain Attacks 2021

Stay vigilant against emerging cyber threats and supply chain attacks. Secure the future of digital commerce.
17Oct, 2021

Cyber Attacks during COVID-19 & Preventions

Boost your online security. Learn prevention strategies to ensure digital safety, even in the face of adversity.
03Oct, 2021

Autopsy on Unclaimed Bodies - Practical Issues

Gain an in-depth understanding of autopsies of unclaimed bodies and how it aid in identification and research.

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