Awareness Program

14Nov, 2021

Don't Trust your Eyes, They can Deceive You

Uncover the truth: Do not always believe what you see, but learn to investigate deeply to find the hidden facts.
25Oct, 2021

Emerging Cyber Threats & Supply Chain Attacks 2021

Stay vigilant against emerging cyber threats and supply chain attacks. Secure the future of digital commerce.
17Oct, 2021

Cyber Attacks during COVID-19 & Preventions

Boost your online security. Learn prevention strategies to ensure digital safety, even in the face of adversity.
19Sep, 2021

Psychological Implications of Social Media

Excessive online social engagement can secretly kill you. Learn the measures to maintain your digital wellness.
05Sep, 2021

Cyber Crime & their Risk to Financial Systems

Learn to carry out secure online transactions and protect yourself from becoming a victim of financial crimes.
15Aug, 2021

Cyber Crime Awareness and Reporting

Learn to devise measures to protect yourselves from online fraud and create a safer digital environment for all.
18Jun, 2020

Cyber Security Threats in Present Scenario

Ignoring online safety can mess up your internet life. Learn to secure your digital assets for a safer online experience.

Comprehend Forensic Innovatively

Events ardently scrutinized by professionals to share knowledge and expand individuals’ ambit.